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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapters 22-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Owl Child want to do now that his grudge with Four Bears has been settled?
(a) Owl Child is satisfied and wants to return to a life of peace.
(b) Owl Child has no more use for Fast Horse and wants him to return to his tribe.
(c) Owl Child wants Fast Horse to kill a Napikwan, too.
(d) Owl Child wants to kill all the Napikwans.

2. Who does Rides-at-the-door think should be banished from the Lone Eaters?
(a) White Man's Dog.
(b) Yellow Kidney.
(c) Fast Horse.
(d) Owl Child.

3. Why is Heavy Shield Woman angry with Fools Crow?
(a) She disagrees with his arrogant and self-serving attitude.
(b) She is tired of him asking for a many-shots-gun.
(c) She caught Fools Crow looking at Kills-close-to-the-lake.
(d) She feels he is risking his life for Fast Horse.

4. What does Yellow Kidney report that Fast Horse did when Yellow Kidney was leading Bull Shield's horse away during the raid that ultimately resulted in his capture?
(a) Fast Horse was careless about leaving footprints.
(b) Fast Horse lost control of the horse he was leading and it ran away.
(c) Fast Horse stepped on a branch that snapped loudly.
(d) Fast Horse broke the silence with fierce boasting.

5. What does Rides-at-the-door think they should do about the Napikwans?
(a) He thinks they should leave them alone.
(b) He thinks they should move the camp farther from the Napikwans.
(c) He thinks they should join Fast Horse and Owl Child and fight the Napikwans.
(d) He thinks they should pray and hold a cleansing ritual.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Pikuni leaders feel about meeting with the seizer chiefs?

2. In Chapter 9, who said, "That's the way it is now. All the breathing things are gone--except for us. But hurry, brother, for I feel my strength slipping away."

3. Who is against killing the Napikwans?

4. When Yellow Kidney leaves, what does he hope for his wife?

5. Who is Heavy Shield Woman?

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