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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 13-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does White Man's Dog blame himself for Yellow Kidney's disfigurement?
(a) Because only he could have dreamed where Yellow Kidney was being held.
(b) Because he did not go into the camp with Yellow Kidney.
(c) Because if he had told his dream, they would have turned back.
(d) Because he should have returned and looked for Yellow Kidney.

2. What does Raven want Fools Crow to do about the evil Napikwan hunter, and why?
(a) Raven wants Fools Crow to follow the hunter and claim his kills for the Pikunis so the meat will not be wasted.
(b) Raven wants Fools Crow to kill the hunter because he is killing all the game wastefully and the Pikunis will starve.
(c) Raven wants Fools Crow to tell Owl Child about the hunter because Owl Child likes to kill white men.
(d) Raven wants Fools Crow to tell the Napikwans with the blue uniforms so they can stop the wasteful killing of animals.

3. After preparing a meal, why does Heavy Shield Woman set a place for Yellow Kidney?
(a) Because Yellow Kidney has escaped from the Crows and has returned.
(b) Because her daughter, Red Paint, asked her to.
(c) Because she is honoring the memory of Yellow Kidney whom she believes is dead.
(d) Because Yellow Kidney came to her in a dream and told her he would be coming home someday.

4. What news does White Man's Dog deliver to the other Pikunis camps during his travels?
(a) The Napikwan's encroachment into the Pikunis lands.
(b) White Man's Dog's upcoming marriage ceremony.
(c) Fast Horse's role in Yellow Kidney's misfortune.
(d) Heavy Shield Woman's vow to be Medicine Woman.

5. Eagle's Rib's dream of the horse of death with the reins dragging and White Man's Dog's dream of the white-faced girl in the death lodge are both fulfilled by what plot development?
(a) The arival of the young Pikunis men with the Napikwans horses.
(b) The return of Yellow Kidney to the Lone Eaters.
(c) The purifying ceremony of Mik-api.
(d) The banishment of Fast Horse from the Lone Eaters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reaction does White Man's Dog have to the battle as they ride away?

2. What happens to the sun in the middle of the fourth day?

3. Which of the Pikunis go into the heart of the Crow camp?

4. Why does Yellow Kidney include White Man's Dog in the raiding party heading for the Crow camp?

5. How does Red Paint's mother react when Red Paint tell her that she is pregnant?

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