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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapters 25-26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is credited as the power that has helped the injured man to recover?
(a) The sweat lodge ceremony.
(b) The Beaver Medicine.
(c) The poultice of herbs and powders.
(d) The sun god.

2. What do Fast Horse and Owl Child do to the Napikwan wagons and oxen?
(a) They make a cook fire from the wagons and eat the oxen.
(b) They steal the wagons and oxen to carry their own supplies.
(c) They abandon the wagons and slaughter the oxen.
(d) They burn the wagons and drive away the oxen.

3. What lone rider goes to Fools Crow at the beginning of Chapter 16, and what injury does he suffer?
(a) Fast Horse, who has been shot by the Napiwans.
(b) Owl Child, who has a badly burned hand and may lose his fingers.
(c) Owl Child, who has been tortured by the Napikwans.
(d) Fast Horse, who has fallen from his horse and has a head injury.

4. What surprises Fast Horse about Owl Child's response to his concern?
(a) He is surprised that Owl Child agrees with him.
(b) He is surprised that Owl Child gets angry with him.
(c) He is surprised that Owl child laughs at him for worrying.
(d) He is surprised that Owl Child is not worried about planning for winter.

5. Does Fools Crow tell the Lone Eater Camp what he did to the Napikwan?
(a) Yes, but he does not tell the whole story of the Napikwan hunter.
(b) No, because Raven told him to keep secret what he had to do to the Napikwan hunter.
(c) No, he is too ashamed to admit what he did to the Napikwan hunter.
(d) Yes, he tells them that due to the instructions of the Raven in his dream, he has killed a Napikwan hunter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Yellow Kidney return to the Lone Eaters?

2. Which statement best describes the consensus of the men after discussing the present situation of the Pikunis and the Napikwans?

3. When Rides-at-the-door returns from the council meeting, does the camp agree with the demands of the Napikwans?

4. What does Fast Horse do to a whiskey runner?

5. Eagle's Rib's dream of the horse of death with the reins dragging and White Man's Dog's dream of the white-faced girl in the death lodge are both fulfilled by what plot development?

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