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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapters 1-2)


Part 1, Chapters 1-2

The beginning of a novel introduces the main characters, the setting, mood and tone of the story. This lesson will explore how the author uses these literary concepts to masterfully pull his readership into the 19th century culture of the Blackfoot Indians.


1) Class Discussion: Setting refers to the time and place of the action in a story. Where and when does this story take place? How do you know? In order to understand the culture in which this story takes place, the author immediately introduces terminology and references to nature that reflects the culture and the way the Pikunis think and feel about what is important to them and their place in the world. Ask for some examples of unfamiliar terminology or references to nature and how these terms and phrases contribute to their understanding of the culture of the Pikunis. What...

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