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Essay Topic 1

White Man's Dog and Fast Horse are the two main characters of this book.

1) Compare and contrast the boys, Fast Horse and White Man's Dog, in the early chapters of this book. Which appeared to be destined to be a leader? Which appeared to be the weaker one?

2) What were the major turning points that propelled White Man's Dog to be the man of honor and tradition, while Fast Horse abandoned the ways of his people and chose another path?

3) Compare and contrast Fools Crow and Fast Horse toward the end of the story. Is there hope for Fast Horse to become an honorable man?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the theme of Dreams in Fools Crow. Did their belief and faith in dreams enrich their lives or limit and endanger their lives? Were they helpful in dealing with the Napikwan? Were they helpful in dealing with the...

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