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Part 1, Chapters 1-2

• White Man's Dog, as an inexperienced 18-year-old Pikunis brave, is unsure of himself and is teased by the other young braves.

• White Man's Dog fears he will not attract a wife unless he gains wealth in the form of a many-shots-gun.

• White Man's Dog feels ashamed for being attracted to his father's third wife, who is a year younger than he is.
• White Man's Dog's friend, Fast Horse, has a daring plan to steal horses from the Crow.

• Fast Horse brags of his promising future with the inheritance of his father's Medicine Bundle.

• Fast Horse takes credit for convincing Yellow Kidney to take White Man's Dog along on the horse raid.

• Mik-api agrees to help White Man's Dog and Fast Horse build a sweat lodge where they will perform a ritual for bravery.

Part 1, Chapters 3-4

• Yellow Kidney leads a small band of the Lone...

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