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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For the author, what activity would be most likely to help spread feminism and its goals to a wider cross section of women?
(a) Buying ad space on television.
(b) Printing more pamphlets.
(c) Holding town hall events.
(d) Promoting literacy.

2. In the author's opinion, how did early feminists view violence against women?
(a) In a way, they echoed patriarchal ideas that men had inbred aggressive tendencies and women had submissive and nurturing tendencies.
(b) They saw men as corrupt and women as innately innocent.
(c) They thought that gender was not really at play in problems of violence.
(d) They frowned on discussing violence at all.

3. How does the author characterize the majority of feminist writing?
(a) As accessible to most literate women.
(b) As naive and uncritical.
(c) As intellectual, academic and/or theoretical.
(d) As utopian.

4. How does the author view housework?
(a) As extremely tiring.
(b) As women's work.
(c) As creative and life-affirming-sometimes more so than work outside the home.
(d) As demeaning.

5. Based on your overall understanding of this text, what approach is suggested by the title, Feminist Theory from Margin to Center?
(a) Feminist theory is changed, enhanced, and expanded by voices coming from the margins.
(b) Feminism is now accepted because it includes men.
(c) Feminist theory has been simplified to gain mass appeal.
(d) Feminism started out on the margins and now it is mainstream.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is affected by sexist attitudes in the author's view?

2. What is the author's main contention about work in Chapter Seven?

3. How did the group initially discussed by the author characterize parenthood?

4. How is the long and painstaking process of change experienced by societies like the United States?

5. How is violence often represented in western culture?

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