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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the author view the kind of power practiced by women from non-affluent communities?
(a) As an ideal kind of power.
(b) As an imitation of patriarchal models of power
(c) As a disappointment.
(d) As a new form of slavery.

2. In the author's view, how should the beliefs about motherhood that she discusses be dealt with?
(a) They should be taught in schools.
(b) They should be broken down and eliminated.
(c) They should be replaced by non-European beliefs.
(d) They should be embraced by new mothers.

3. What was the early feminist belief about creating change according to the author?
(a) It would happen once women took over the media.
(b) That change would not take place for another generation.
(c) That armed resistance was the only way to achieve true change.
(d) That demanding necessary change and pointing out areas for that change would be enough to make it happen.

4. Besides spreading feminism and its goals, what else would be accomplished by the action promoted by the author?
(a) A better sense of current events.
(b) Less boredom and frustration.
(c) The creation of new woman-owned franchises.
(d) The dispelling of stereotypes.

5. For the author, if "we" are to transform our present reality, what must happen?
(a) The world we most intimately know and feel safe in must end.
(b) We must elect a female president.
(c) We must embrace our enemies.
(d) We cannot truly change out present reality without creating complete chaos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do early feminist concepts of sexual liberty represent for the author?

2. According to the title of Chapter Nine, what is one of the primary goals of the feminist movement?

3. What will happen if people follow the course of action regarding beliefs about motherhood proposed by the author?

4. What assertion does the author make about lower and middle class women and power?

5. What is violence truly a manifestation of for the author?

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