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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Overall, what is the author's approach to presenting feminist ideas in this book?
(a) In general, she focuses on more recent developments in feminism.
(b) Usually she presents early feminist ideas, points out their failings, and proposes alternatives.
(c) She presents other people's work but rarely discusses her own ideas.
(d) She presents male stereotypes about women then proceeds to refute them.

2. How did the group initially discussed by the author characterize parenthood?
(a) As a trap, another way the male patriarchy exercised its power.
(b) As a social duty to create future citizens.
(c) As a luxury.
(d) As a form of discipline.

3. What will happen if people follow the course of action regarding beliefs about motherhood proposed by the author?
(a) It will help to eliminate systemic sexism.
(b) It will help children learn about motherhood.
(c) It will expose others to non-western cultural perspectives.
(d) It will help new mothers to carry on traditions.

4. Related to education, what does the author see as one of the primary goals of feminism?
(a) Encouraging women not to get lose sight of their families in their quest for an education.
(b) Encouraging women to take more business classes.
(c) Encouraging women to challenge their male professors.
(d) Encouraging women to strive for education and develop their intellects.

5. For the author, if "we" are to transform our present reality, what must happen?
(a) We cannot truly change out present reality without creating complete chaos.
(b) We must elect a female president.
(c) We must embrace our enemies.
(d) The world we most intimately know and feel safe in must end.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the author's opinion of the early feminist belief about creating change?

2. In the author's view, what is the result, or effect, of some successful feminists' particular relationship with power?

3. What is the author's main contention about work in Chapter Seven?

4. What do these accepted beliefs about motherhood manifest for the author?

5. How did women working for change initially view the exercise of power?

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