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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What qualities does the author promote in this final chapter on change via the feminist movement?
(a) Patience and active struggle.
(b) Aggression and intellectual aptitude.
(c) Patience and submission.
(d) Suspicion and perseverance.

2. How did early (upper middle class, white) feminists regard work?
(a) They saw it as an added burden to the childcare they were already doing.
(b) They felt it was less important than education.
(c) Work outside the home was equated with freedom from male oppression.
(d) They wanted to work but did not want to compete with men in the professions.

3. Following the author's reasoning, what does a societal trend towards women identifying with and pursuing male models of power show?
(a) That women lack the ability to develop their own models.
(b) That women are just as capable as men.
(c) It does not really show us anything one way or the other.
(d) That women do not necessarily experience and wield power differently from men.

4. How does the author view the kind of power practiced by women from non-affluent communities?
(a) As an imitation of patriarchal models of power
(b) As an ideal kind of power.
(c) As a new form of slavery.
(d) As a disappointment.

5. How did the group initially discussed by the author characterize parenthood?
(a) As a luxury.
(b) As a form of discipline.
(c) As a trap, another way the male patriarchy exercised its power.
(d) As a social duty to create future citizens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the author's main contention about work in Chapter Seven?

2. What reason does the author give for lower and middle class women's relationship with power?

3. What aspects of society, for example, would women be able to work towards changing if they were freed from exploitation.

4. In the author's opinion, how did early feminists view violence against women?

5. What do these accepted beliefs about motherhood manifest for the author?

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