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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is violence truly a manifestation of for the author?
(a) Sexual inadequacy.
(b) Imperialism, power, and a hierarchy of control.
(c) Hatred of women, especially the mother.
(d) Insecurity.

2. What observations does the author make about women and the practice of violence?
(a) Women also have a capacity for violence and many condone and advocate war.
(b) Women are more violent as teenagers.
(c) Women are essentially nonviolent by nature.
(d) Women are actually more violent than men.

3. In addition to gender and violence, what major aspect of violence does the author discuss in this chapter?
(a) Violence in the cinema.
(b) Violence against animals.
(c) Parental violence.
(d) War.

4. What represents true sexual liberty for the author?
(a) Same sex relations.
(b) Unrestricted heterosexual relations.
(c) Abstinence.
(d) Ending sexual oppression and sexism.

5. How did early feminists, and society at the time, view housework?
(a) As an ideal job.
(b) As demeaning.
(c) As relatively easy work.
(d) As something a woman cannot escape.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author present education in the title of Chapter Eight

2. What is the author's opinion about the two different groups and how they function?

3. In the author's view, how did early feminists understand work, i.e what did they identify as successful work?

4. What ideas about parenting does the author initially discuss?

5. What has desensitized women and men to violence in the author's view?

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