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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the author's view, how did early feminists understand work, i.e what did they identify as successful work?
(a) It was identified with creative expression.
(b) It was identified with capitalist, patriarchal standards of success (money and power).
(c) They did not yet have a clear view of what made work successful.
(d) It was understood as related to traditionally feminine tasks.

2. Following the author's reasoning, what does a societal trend towards women identifying with and pursuing male models of power show?
(a) That women lack the ability to develop their own models.
(b) That women are just as capable as men.
(c) That women do not necessarily experience and wield power differently from men.
(d) It does not really show us anything one way or the other.

3. What observations does the author make about women and the practice of violence?
(a) Women also have a capacity for violence and many condone and advocate war.
(b) Women are more violent as teenagers.
(c) Women are actually more violent than men.
(d) Women are essentially nonviolent by nature.

4. How did women working for change initially view the exercise of power?
(a) As a rejection of femininity.
(b) As a luxury.
(c) As something to strive for.
(d) As something negative.

5. According to the title of Chapter Nine, what is one of the primary goals of the feminist movement?
(a) To create a government department overseeing women's issues.
(b) To develop a new rating system for DVDs and video games.
(c) To end violence, especially against women.
(d) To legalize prostitution.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened as a result of the form taken by the majority of feminist writing?

2. How did many lower/middle class and/or non-white women respond to this view of work?

3. What does the author suggest about many successful feminists and their relationship with power?

4. Related to education, what does the author see as one of the primary goals of feminism?

5. What has desensitized women and men to violence in the author's view?

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