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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the author hold her particular beliefs about prioritizing struggles against different forms of prejudice?
(a) As a black woman, she feels that race is a more pressing matter than feminism.
(b) All are ultimately as destructive of society and the individual as the other.
(c) She holds her views because she needs to maintain her standing in the academic community.
(d) Because she is a women, she places gender issues first.

2. What assertion does the author make (once again) about who benefits from the current feminist movement?
(a) Children will benefit, but not the current generation.
(b) Only women will benefit from the movement.
(c) It can, and will, benefit people of both genders and all ages.
(d) She states that white middle class women stand to benefit more than anyone else.

3. What potential effect can feminism have on the family, in the author's view?
(a) It can draw attention away from the family towards more important things.
(b) It can transform the family in very positive ways.
(c) It can help maintain the traditional structure of the Western family.
(d) It can undermine family stability.

4. At the end of the Preface to the second edition, where does the author maintain that a feminist path will lead us?
(a) To a major battle between the forces of peace and of domination.
(b) To a world where sexism is kept at a minimum.
(c) To a world where women have equality with men.
(d) To a world of peace, freedom, and justice, without sexism or domination.

5. What is the awareness about sexual oppression that the author advocates?
(a) Sexual oppression is derived from poor self-esteem.
(b) Men are not effected by sexual oppression but they should support ending it.
(c) Sexual oppression damages everyone and ending it will benefit everyone.
(d) Sexual oppression is here to stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. From which position (or perspective) does the author claim to write in her analysis of feminism and its social manifestations?

2. What name did early feminists use to describe radical, or revolutionary, feminists?

3. For the author, what is the relationship between traditional beliefs about the family and society at large?

4. The phrase "suffering cannot be measured and compared quantitatively" comes from which of the following authors?

5. What is the primary "point of contact" between the oppressor and the oppressed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasons does the author give for people finding themselves at the center of society?

2. How does the author discuss feminists views on housework?

3. List several other critiques of violence that the author offers.

4. Is true sisterhood, i.e. solidarity in the struggle to achieve feminist goals, supported by society, according to the author?

5. In Chapter Four, does the author agree with early feminist definitions of sisterhood?

6. In Chapter Eight, "Educating Women - A Feminist Agenda," what does the author encourage black women to do regarding education and academic work?

7. What is problematic for the author regarding early feminist views of parenting and motherhood, and what can be changed?

8. How does the title of Chapter One, "Black Women - Shaping Feminist Theory," relate to the content of the chapter?

9. Does the author encourage a particular attitude towards manifesting change?

10. What differences and similarities does the author see between black men and white men?

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