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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What change in attitudes towards work does the author propose in Chapter Seven.
(a) People need to try new career paths.
(b) Society needs to discourage too much focus on work.
(c) From a male-dominated sphere to a woman-dominated sphere.
(d) From a purely money-oriented activity to an activity that enables, and enriches, life.

2. For the author, if "we" are to transform our present reality, what must happen?
(a) We must embrace our enemies.
(b) The world we most intimately know and feel safe in must end.
(c) We must elect a female president.
(d) We cannot truly change out present reality without creating complete chaos.

3. What was the author's initial experience in women's groups?
(a) No one would look at her.
(b) White women did not treat women of color as equals.
(c) Everyone was really open-minded.
(d) She found solidarity with women from very different backgrounds.

4. What notion about women and power do both sexist and traditional feminist culture share?
(a) That women should not be in positions of power.
(b) That women do not understand money.
(c) That motherhood is a woman's right of passage.
(d) That women experience and wield power differently from men.

5. Which one of the following ideas does not appear in the author's discussion of strategies for dealing with accepted beliefs about motherhood?
(a) Men should be the breadwinners, not the caregivers.
(b) Parenting must also take place outside the home.
(c) Men must be encouraged to practice parenting.
(d) Men must be encouraged to believe that they are capable of good parenting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the week point in feminists' initial view of power?

2. How does the author feel about defining feminism as enabling total personal freedom?

3. How does the author view the concept of personal freedom?

4. What is the social and racial dynamic described by the author at the beginning of the Preface to the first edition of the book?

5. What can happen to women in light of the social views about their gender?

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