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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10 and 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In her discussion of attitudes towards sexuality, what common problem does the author say that women and gay men share?
(a) They both need better spokespeople for their movements.
(b) They share similar oppressions in that neither fit the ideal model of male heterosexuality.
(c) Their situations are totally dissimilar.
(d) People accuse them of whining.

2. What ideas about parenting does the author initially discuss?
(a) Same sex couples' ideas about parenting.
(b) European ideas of parenting.
(c) Feminist ideas about parenting.
(d) Parenting in American television sitcoms.

3. For the author, what activity would be most likely to help spread feminism and its goals to a wider cross section of women?
(a) Promoting literacy.
(b) Printing more pamphlets.
(c) Buying ad space on television.
(d) Holding town hall events.

4. Which of the following ideas does not appear in the author's discussion of long accepted views of motherhood?
(a) The home is the only place where good parenting can occur.
(b) It is a woman's unique gift and should be held sacred.
(c) The mother is the only parent capable of good parenting.
(d) Women should not nurse in public.

5. What does the author suggest about many successful feminists and their relationship with power?
(a) They develop an inferiority complex.
(b) They try to dominate men.
(c) They embody and/or capitalize upon male definitions of power and success.
(d) They become power hungry to the point of fanaticism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What major difference between white and black men does the author point out?

2. What do early feminist concepts of sexual liberty represent for the author?

3. What is the definition of feminism proposed by the author?

4. Whose ideas in particular does she address?

5. What has desensitized women and men to violence in the author's view?

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