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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 and 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the awareness about sexual oppression that the author advocates?
(a) Sexual oppression damages everyone and ending it will benefit everyone.
(b) Sexual oppression is derived from poor self-esteem.
(c) Men are not effected by sexual oppression but they should support ending it.
(d) Sexual oppression is here to stay.

2. How does the author characterize the majority of feminist writing?
(a) As intellectual, academic and/or theoretical.
(b) As utopian.
(c) As naive and uncritical.
(d) As accessible to most literate women.

3. How does the author view housework?
(a) As creative and life-affirming-sometimes more so than work outside the home.
(b) As women's work.
(c) As demeaning.
(d) As extremely tiring.

4. How does the author see feminism and the family?
(a) She feels ambivalent about the relationship between the two.
(b) She believes that the traditional family structure is fine the way it is and feminists should not try to change it.
(c) Her definition of feminism is one that is pro-family.
(d) She thinks feminists that reject the family completely are justified in doing so.

5. Based on your understanding of the two Prefaces, who does the author wish to reach with her work?
(a) As wide and diverse of an audience as possible.
(b) Women of color.
(c) Men.
(d) Mainly people who are brand new to feminism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Related to education, what does the author see as one of the primary goals of feminism?

2. In the author's view, how did early feminists understand work, i.e what did they identify as successful work?

3. How does the author view women's desires and attempts to be like white men?

4. In the Preface to the second edition (2000), how does the author characterize the later reception of her work?

5. How has the author's own perception of her book held up?

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