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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 and 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did she notice about white female students at the time?
(a) They were not very smart.
(b) They were at college in order to find husbands.
(c) They were afraid to look at each other in class.
(d) They were very excited about creating community and being together.

2. In the author's view, which prejudices is it important for women of color to transcend?
(a) Prejudices against illiterate women.
(b) Prejudices against rich women.
(c) Prejudices against their mothers' generation.
(d) Prejudices against academics and/or intellectuals.

3. In the Preface to the first edition (1984), which two key terms in her analysis does the author introduce?
(a) Liberal and conservative.
(b) Margin and center.
(c) Intellectual and illiterate.
(d) Inside and outside.

4. What do feminists need to consider when examining their beliefs about men?
(a) How lower and working class men and non-white men are also oppressed.
(b) How often men use sexist language.
(c) Whether it is safe to alter their beliefs about men.
(d) Whether or not men deserve to be included in feminism.

5. Which elements define the ideal family for the author?
(a) Order, respect, and privacy.
(b) Unity, modesty, and communication.
(c) Support, respect, unity and community.
(d) Order, unity, respect, and fairness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the author's initial experience in women's groups?

2. How were black women's efforts received by white feminists?

3. How does the author propose to prioritize the struggles against various forms of prejudice?

4. What assertion does the author make (once again) about who benefits from the current feminist movement?

5. For the author, what is a better way to arrive at a definition of sisterhood?

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