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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 and 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what levels of culture and society is violence most likely to exist?
(a) The author does not make a statement one way or the other.
(b) On all levels: family, community, government, international relations, etc.
(c) Mostly on the interpersonal level.
(d) Mostly between countries at war.

2. According to the title of Chapter Nine, what is one of the primary goals of the feminist movement?
(a) To legalize prostitution.
(b) To create a government department overseeing women's issues.
(c) To end violence, especially against women.
(d) To develop a new rating system for DVDs and video games.

3. In Chapter Four, what does the author give as the broad definition of "sisterhood" from the early feminist movement?
(a) Unity between working women.
(b) Unity between women.
(c) Common religion among women.
(d) Women who share the same parents.

4. For the author, what is a better way to arrive at a definition of sisterhood?
(a) By finding out which men are truly oppressive.
(b) Through sustained debate.
(c) The movement does not need a definition of sisterhood.
(d) Through solidarity in the face of all forms of oppression.

5. How is violence often represented in western culture?
(a) As sexually titillating, and even associated with love and romance.
(b) As something only practiced by villains.
(c) As a symbol of life.
(d) As reprehensible, no matter who commits it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the primary "point of contact" between the oppressor and the oppressed?

2. What is the author's opinion about the two different groups and how they function?

3. Besides spreading feminism and its goals, what else would be accomplished by the action promoted by the author?

4. What observations does the author make about women and the practice of violence?

5. In the author's opinion, how did early feminists view violence against women?

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