Daily Lessons for Teaching Feminist Theory from Margin to Center

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Preface to the First Edition (1984). In this section the author presents two key terms that form the cornerstone of her ideas about feminism: center and margin. The object of this lesson will be to begin to establish the author's critique of early feminism via an understanding of these two central terms.

1) Activities:

1) Pass out pieces of scrap paper and ask students to make a list of things (mentioned in the Preface) that contribute to an individual's status or position in society. You can get students started by suggesting a term, e.g. education. Write the terms they produce on the board.

2) Next, put the words "center" and "margin" on the blackboard. Give students a couple minutes to think of nouns and adjectives associated with these two terms, e.g. center - upper middle class. Ask volunteers to come up and write a term under one of...

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