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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1948, what was the percentage of men that had had some homosexual experience?
(a) Thirty-seven.
(b) Twenty-two.
(c) Twenty-eight.
(d) Thirty-eight.

2. What requires increased glamorization every year?
(a) The occupation of motherhood.
(b) The allure of being a wife.
(c) The occupation of housewife.
(d) The Feminine Mystique.

3. Which women are more often the sex-seekers than finders?
(a) The suburban housewives.
(b) The rural housewives.
(c) The metropolis housewives.
(d) The city housewives.

4. What is the simple definition of the problem that has no name?
(a) The possibility of work outside the home.
(b) The lack of educational facilities outside the home for housewives.
(c) The lack of work outside the home for housewives.
(d) American woman are kept from realizing their potential.

5. What was the only thing that had changed so far?
(a) The President's mind.
(b) The consciousness.
(c) The collective women's minds.
(d) The men's minds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Women's chances at happiness in marriage _______ as their career participation ________ .

2. If education has made American women feel trapped, frustrated and guilty as housewives, it is surely a sign that ___________________________.

3. When did Professor Maslow begin his study of the relationship between sexuality and the "dominance" feeling?

4. What did the degradation of women also denigrate?

5. How did Andras Angyal describe this weakness?

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