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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is this person killed?
(a) For being too slow.
(b) For helping the prisoner.
(c) For not telling the truth.
(d) For being in the way.

2. The author's use of foreshadowing leads the reader to believe what about the Judge-General?
(a) That he will stick to his guns and not allow anyone to help the prisoner.
(b) That he is sorry for not believing the prisoner in the beginning.
(c) That his guilt is causing him to take chances.
(d) That he will probably end up helping the prisoner.

3. What action is Peter instructed to take if he wants the help of an accomplice?
(a) Put a candle in the window.
(b) Meet in a secluded spot at midnight.
(c) Throw a note through the window.
(d) Turn out all the lights.

4. What does Peter use for ink when responding to Dennis?
(a) Vegetable juice.
(b) Beet juice.
(c) His own blood.
(d) Lemon juice.

5. On the night of the escape, a tower falls. Where is the tower?
(a) On the Church of the Kingdom.
(b) On the castle.
(c) On the Church of the Great Idols.
(d) On the Church of the Great Gods.

6. Flagg has a nightmare about which of the following?
(a) An injured ear.
(b) An injured hand.
(c) An injured eye.
(d) An injured ankle.

7. What is so shocking about what Peter finds?
(a) It proves his own innocence.
(b) It was hidden there by his own father.
(c) It gives instructions for escape.
(d) It is more than four hundred years old.

8. How does Peter communicate with his accomplice?
(a) By putting a note in his shoe.
(b) By putting a note in a locket.
(c) By wrapping a note around his knife.
(d) By wrapping a note around a stone.

9. What is the first obstacle Peter and his friends encounter as they run?
(a) A group of drunken guards.
(b) A locked gate.
(c) Flooded roadways.
(d) A guard who is not drunk.

10. How many characters are searching for a way into the castle to help the prisoner?
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) Four.
(d) Six.

11. Peter reveals that he has a plan of escape. What is he afraid of?
(a) Not having the courage to follow through with the plan.
(b) Failing to have made adequate plans.
(c) Getting caught before he can initiate the plan.
(d) Falling to his death.

12. What prompts everyone in the kingdom to go to bed early one night?
(a) Heavy rain made it impossible to do anything else.
(b) Everyone had worked hard all day.
(c) It got dark earlier than usual.
(d) They are exhausted by the excitement of the storm.

13. What is the author suggesting by revealing Thomas' thoughts and actions?
(a) That Thomas is stronger than we first thought.
(b) That Thomas is in his own symbolic prison.
(c) That Thomas has no feelings.
(d) That Thomas considers himself above the law.

14. When Thomas realizes where he is, what does he think he should do?
(a) Go back to sleep.
(b) Return to his own room.
(c) Go to his father's sitting room.
(d) Hide and try to see what happens.

15. Why does Dennis tell the Judge-General that he walks so far?
(a) Because he had no other transportation.
(b) So he could have time to think about what he would say.
(c) So he could formulate a plan to help the prisoner escape.
(d) So his destination would not be known.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following themes is revealed in Thomas' actions?

2. Which of the following characters get married?

3. Which of the following characters is coming back into the story to help the prisoner with his escape?

4. Which of these characters is approaching Peter from inside the castle?

5. What does Peter spend the majority of his time in prison doing?

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