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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the king becomes ill, which of the following is a symptom?
(a) Foaming at the mouth.
(b) Smoking from the eyes.
(c) Smoking at the mouth.
(d) Smoking from the ears.

2. What is the name of the kingdom in this story?
(a) Needle.
(b) Delano.
(c) Flagg.
(d) Delain.

3. What does the Judge-General do with the note when he receives it?
(a) He throws it in the fire.
(b) He puts it in a drawer to read later.
(c) He tears it up and puts it in the fire.
(d) He decides to read it.

4. What is Flagg's ultimate goal?
(a) To become immortal.
(b) To destroy Delain.
(c) To become king.
(d) To cause discontent wherever he goes.

5. How does the author add to the suspense about Peter's plans?
(a) He reveals everything the prisoner is thinking.
(b) He has the character make up several sets of plans.
(c) He does not tell the reader what things the prisoner demands.
(d) He tells the reader only a little of what the prisoner is up to.

6. What is revealed to Thomas that satisfies his urge to know more?
(a) Magic mirrors.
(b) Magic potions.
(c) Secret passages to the outside.
(d) Secret hiding places.

7. Who is the one character that people in the kingdom sympathize with and do not immediately consider guilty?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Peter.
(c) Flagg.
(d) Roland.

8. How does the author describe the first king in The Eyes of the Dragon?
(a) A young and vibrant man who will be an excellent leader.
(b) A very old man who is not expected to live long.
(c) An old man with three sons.
(d) A middle aged man with a large family.

9. Who discovers the gift and begins to use and enjoy it?
(a) Peter.
(b) Flagg.
(c) Sasha.
(d) Thomas.

10. What causes the queen's death?
(a) A poisoned drink.
(b) A broken heart.
(c) A knife wound.
(d) Childbirth.

11. Of what significance is the note that the Judge-General receives from Peter?
(a) It is a letter of guilt, asking forgiveness.
(b) It foreshadows the end of the story.
(c) It foreshadows later events in the story.
(d) It signifies the end of their relationship.

12. Which of the following hampers the trial proceedings?
(a) The court magician has lost the evidence.
(b) The people do not think Peter is guilty.
(c) Peter has already become king.
(d) A fair judge cannot be found.

13. What is Dragon Sand?
(a) The name of a castle.
(b) The name of a poison.
(c) The name of a drink.
(d) The name of the kingdom.

14. Thomas becomes gravely ill and awakens to learn what about himself?
(a) He has slept for an entire year.
(b) He has been banished from the kingdom.
(c) He is a murderer.
(d) He has become king.

15. Which of the following is a prominent theme in this story?
(a) Guilt and shame.
(b) Fear and neglect.
(c) Pride and dishonesty.
(d) Peace and happiness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that Thomas feels guilty about, but is not responsible for?

2. How does Flagg attempt to frame Peter?

3. How is Thomas able to watch another without being noticed?

4. What does the incident with the horse tell you about Peter?

5. Which of the following is a habit the king enjoys every evening?

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