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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is used as evidence in finding Peter guilty?
(a) His fingerprints.
(b) A note written in Peter's handwriting.
(c) A box with his name on it.
(d) A toy that belonged to him.

2. What is Dragon Sand?
(a) The name of a castle.
(b) The name of a poison.
(c) The name of a drink.
(d) The name of the kingdom.

3. When the king becomes ill, which of the following is a symptom?
(a) Smoking at the mouth.
(b) Smoking from the ears.
(c) Smoking from the eyes.
(d) Foaming at the mouth.

4. What does the incident with the horse tell you about Peter?
(a) That he is kind and arrogant.
(b) That he is careless and cruel.
(c) That he is reliable and responsible.
(d) That he is selfish and unreliable.

5. Peter knows who murdered the king and that there is only one way to prove this. What is it?
(a) He must demand a retrial.
(b) He must escape.
(c) He must summon his friends and enlist their help.
(d) He must wait out his sentence and appeal to the people.

6. Peter is glad for the information, but feels that he must do something about the note. What does he do?
(a) He carefully hides it in a book.
(b) He burns it in the fireplace.
(c) He shreds it and throws the pieces out the window.
(d) He eats it.

7. Who assists the murderer in killing the queen?
(a) The queen's son.
(b) The queen's best friend.
(c) The queen's midwife.
(d) The queen's husband.

8. Peter turns to the very person who put him in prison to ask for help. What literary device is this?
(a) Denouement.
(b) Foreshadowing.
(c) Twist of fate.
(d) Irony.

9. How does Flagg deflect suspicion?
(a) By staying constantly at the king's side.
(b) By volunteering to be searched.
(c) By organizing a search for the guilty party.
(d) By weeping uncontrollably.

10. How does the murderer guarantee help with the plot to kill the queen?
(a) By saving a young man's life.
(b) By enlisting the aid of another murderer.
(c) By buying the favor of the king.
(d) By acquiring skills in black magic.

11. How does the author describe the first king in The Eyes of the Dragon?
(a) A young and vibrant man who will be an excellent leader.
(b) A middle aged man with a large family.
(c) An old man with three sons.
(d) A very old man who is not expected to live long.

12. How does Flagg attempt to frame Peter?
(a) By going to the police.
(b) By leaving clues throughout the castle.
(c) By spreading rumors.
(d) By hiding the murder weapon where it will be found.

13. After reading Peter's request, the Judge-General agrees. Which of the following best describes his reaction?
(a) He is certain there is nothing unsusal about the request.
(b) He is confused, but considers the request harmless.
(c) He desides the request is just an additional sign of guilt.
(d) He is confused and wants to deliver the items himself.

14. How does Peter meet his best friend?
(a) In a three-legged race.
(b) At a function in honor of the king.
(c) In a jousting competition.
(d) At a family dinner.

15. Why is it important for Peter to follow his mother's instructions?
(a) It will give him greater strength.
(b) It will please his father.
(c) It will help him seem less barbaric.
(d) It will prove he loves her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reaction does Peter have when the first of the items he requested is delivered?

2. What is revealed to Thomas that satisfies his urge to know more?

3. Which of the following is an ironic twist in this story?

4. Why is Ben sent to the castle?

5. What makes Dragon Sand so dangerous?

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