Objects & Places from The Eyes of the Dragon

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This character was slain and later used by another character to witness a murder.

The Secret Room

From here, one can see the king's sitting room.


This object is used as a lethal weapon.

Dragon Sand

One of the characters uses this to frame Peter.

The Dollhouse

Sasha owned this object which Peter played with as a child.


Memories of his mother prompt Peter to request this with each meal.

Miniature Loom

Peter uses this to help facilitate his escape.

Leven Valera's Note

Peter finds this special object, which helps him as he plans his escape.

Eleanor Valera's Locket

This object was snagged by an arrow fired at one of the characters.

Magic Crystal

This object helps the antagonist learn of Peter's plan to escape.

Sewer Pipe

This is one way to enter the castle secretly.

The Needle

This is where Peter is imprisoned after...

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