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Magic Potion

If you could create your own magic potion, what would be in it and what would it be used for? Using food products you have on hand, create your own magic potion. Include a label with a list of ingredients, uses, and dosage instructions.

Extra credit: Create an antidote.

The Dollhouse

Create your own version of the dollhouse that belonged to Sasha. Use materials you have on hand (make sure the finished product is portable), draw a picture of the dollhouse, or describe it in an essay, being very specific as to the details of height, width, contents, etc.

Royal Crest

The napkins Peter used for every meal had a royal crest in one corner. Draw a picture of this crest or describe what you think it must have looked like.

Puzzle It

Create a crossword puzzle using names, places, themes, objects, and other elements of...

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