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Chapter 1 | Chapters 2 - 5

• The kingdom of Delain is ruled by a king with two sons.

• The king is old and the people expect his older son to become king.

• The king's magician wants to destroy the kingdom and plots to kill the king and his oldest son.

• The king's wife dies giving birth to their second son.

• Themes of revenge, guilt and shame, and sibling rivalry are introduced.

Chapter 6 | Chapters 7 - 8

• Sasha teaches her young son Peter to always use a napkin with his meals.

• It becomes clear that napkins will play an important part later in the story.

• The king gives his bride a wedding present of a dollhouse just like one she had as a child.

• Peter enjoys playing with his mother's dollhouse.

• Roland refuses to follow Flagg's advice about the dollhouse, proving that he no longer turns to Flagg for advice.

Chapter 9 - 10 | Chapter 11

• Sasha...

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