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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the name Lavaeolus translate to mean?

2. What does Rincewind instruct Eric to do if he sees anything crawling out of the sea at the beginning of the universe?

3. What do the demon lords dread receiving from Astfgl?

4. What do the Ephebians uncover beneath Tsortean flagstones?

5. Why does Duke Vassenego let Rincewind and Eric escape?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is surprising about what Eric wants to be when he grows up?

2. How is Eric's third wish fulfilled?

3. Why is Astfgl upset after asking Death if he has seen Eric and Rincewind?

4. Why is the man Rincewind and Eric meet in "the bill" insist on being "a creator" instead of "the Creator?"

5. What is Duke Vassanego's plan to overthrow Astfgl?

6. How does the large treadmill fit in with Astfgl's hell?

7. What is different about Hell's boredom from the boredom that Rincewind likes?

8. Describe Duke Vassenego.

9. Describe how Lavaeolus takes the Tsort citadel.

10. What brings about the destruction of Tsort?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Identify symbols used in "Eric." Specify what they symbolize. What is their main purpose? What humor can be found in their meanings? How do they relate to the characters? How do they evoke mood in a setting?

Essay Topic 2

"Eric" has many parallels to our world. Name the characters, objects and places that parallel something from our world. How do they take part in the plot of the novel? How do the Discworld versions vary from our versions? What is the author's purpose in using them?

Essay Topic 3

Examine Astfgl as a leader. Determine if he is a respected and successful leader.

a) Describe his successes.

b) Describe his failures.

c) How do demons behave in his presence? How do demons view him and his policies?

d) What is main goal as leader? What steps does he take to achieve his goal?

e) What qualities does he have that other demons lack?

f) How does he bring about his own downfall?

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