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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Tezumen do with their priests at the end of the novel?

2. Where does Eric's magic circle transport Eric and Rincewind?

3. How many spells go into making the world?

4. What do Eric and Rincewind pretend to be late for in order to get past Urglefloggah?

5. Where does Astfgl take Rincewind and Eric, where the other demons hang a banner that says, "Hale To Ther Cheve."

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Hell's demons.

2. Why is Lavaeolus' parting phrase to Rincewind in Tsort the saddest thing Eric has ever heard?

3. What miscommunication is present between Elenor and the Ephebian army?

4. After contemplating whether Lavaeolus should be warned about his fate, why does Rincewind choose not to?

5. What is Duke Vassanego's plan to overthrow Astfgl?

6. Describe "the bill" where Rincwind and Eric are transported after leaving Tsort.

7. Describe how Lavaeolus takes the Tsort citadel.

8. How is Eric's third wish fulfilled?

9. What is surprising about what Eric wants to be when he grows up?

10. Describe Lavaeolus.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Author Terry Pratchett uses footnotes. Describe the purpose of the footnotes. How do they fit the genre? What do they clarify? Is it necessary to read the author's other Discworld books to understand them? Would the quality and enjoyment of the novel suffer from their absence?

Essay Topic 2

Examine Rincewind's role as the main character.

Part One: Determine if Rincewind's role is that of a hero or an anti-hero. Use of examples of his actions to defend your stance.

Part Two: Is there a character, other than Rincewind, that makes a better hero than he? Explain the character's qualifying traits.

Part Three: Is there a clear antagonist to Rincewind's plight? Is the antagonist always the same character?

Essay Topic 3

Determine if Rincewind is a moral character. Specify when he acts morally, and when he does not. How does Rincewind's choice negatively affect the character on the receiving end? How is it an act of kindness?

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