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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Astfgl catches up to Rincewind and Eric in hell, he is in a calm rage. Only a faint trace of ______ betrays how he really feels.
(a) Fire.
(b) Spittle.
(c) Snarling.
(d) Craziness.

2. Who has the military bearing of a weasel?
(a) King Mausoleum.
(b) Eric.
(c) Rincewind.
(d) Lavaeolus.

3. What musical instrument does Eric think he and Rincewind need to escape Hell?
(a) A banjo.
(b) A lyre.
(c) A pan flute.
(d) A harp.

4. The creator takes pride in the craftsmanship of a specific aspect of his work. What does the creator say takes years to learn to make?
(a) Jellyfish.
(b) Trees.
(c) Clouds.
(d) Rivers.

5. What is Astfgl's punishment for the demon that let living humans into Hell?
(a) For him to be disassembled.
(b) Filing mountains of paperwork.
(c) Suspension in a pit of boiling oil.
(d) Commendations.

6. When Rincewind asks where he and Eric are, what does he think is Urglefloggah's answer?
(a) In Ankh-Morpork.
(b) Tsort.
(c) In Hell.
(d) In a bird.

7. What signs are left of what Hell might have once been?
(a) Clinkers and a scorch mark.
(b) Roaring fires.
(c) Lava pits.
(d) Museum exhibits.

8. Who shows Rincewind and Eric the way out of Hell?
(a) Elenor.
(b) Lavaeolus.
(c) The parrot.
(d) Ponce Da Quirm

9. What is the Luggage doing when Lavaeolus discovers it in Tsort?
(a) Eating a toppless tower.
(b) Playing with children.
(c) Guarding Rincewind.
(d) Herding Tsorteans into a corner.

10. What are the signs of a diseased mind, according to Rincewind?
(a) Tap shoes.
(b) Paperwork.
(c) Seeing snowflakes all the time.
(d) Multiple exclamation marks.

11. Azaremoth guards a man chained to a rock. What is the second part of Azaremoth's name?
(a) The Stench of Dog Breath.
(b) Dread slave of darkness.
(c) Spawn of the Pit.
(d) Torture's right tentacle.

12. What is the first piece of matter that Death witnesses popping into existence?
(a) A hydrogen atom.
(b) A paperclip.
(c) The Luggage.
(d) A shirt button.

13. Why does Duke Vassenego let Rincewind and Eric escape?
(a) So he can follow them.
(b) To keep them out of trouble.
(c) To grant Eric's last wish.
(d) To spread the tale.

14. What is Eric disappointed not to find in Hell?
(a) Succubi.
(b) Sirens.
(c) Elenor.
(d) Neuralgers.

15. What does Eric think should be a religious relic?
(a) The beach where they land.
(b) The Luggage.
(c) A paperclip.
(d) The egg sandwich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the demon lords dread receiving from Astfgl?

2. What are Lavaeolus' parting words to Rincewind when he leaves Tsort?

3. What breaks the treadmill in Hell?

4. " _____ and mindless ______ is part of what being a demon is all about."

5. Why wasn't Urglefloggah allowed at the Club 18,000-30,000 holiday?

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