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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in Hell looks like green leather and smells like a sloth?
(a) Urglefloggah.
(b) Potted plants.
(c) Statements of policy.
(d) A treadmill.

2. What results does Lavaeolus ask Rincewind for when he learns Rincewind is from the future?
(a) Lottery.
(b) Elenor's love life.
(c) Discus.
(d) Horse races.

3. What are the nations Tsort and Ephebe preparing for after the war?
(a) A joint celebration.
(b) The next war.
(c) Peaceful relations.
(d) Lavaeolus' triumphant return.

4. What does the creator say he runs out of ideas for?
(a) Clouds.
(b) Trees.
(c) Sandwiches.
(d) Snowflakes.

5. What is the first piece of matter that Death witnesses popping into existence?
(a) A shirt button.
(b) A paperclip.
(c) A hydrogen atom.
(d) The Luggage.

6. Azaremoth guards a man chained to a rock. What is the second part of Azaremoth's name?
(a) The Stench of Dog Breath.
(b) Spawn of the Pit.
(c) Torture's right tentacle.
(d) Dread slave of darkness.

7. What signs are left of what Hell might have once been?
(a) Museum exhibits.
(b) Roaring fires.
(c) Lava pits.
(d) Clinkers and a scorch mark.

8. The creator claims to have once done a whole world and left out the _____, which caused people deep psychological problems.
(a) Craftsmanship.
(b) Fingles.
(c) Snowflakes.
(d) Sfrorts.

9. Who is one of the oldest demons in Hell?
(a) Urglefloggah.
(b) Astfgl.
(c) Duke Vassanego.
(d) Vizzimuth.

10. What does Eric say is the reason Lavaeolus' dog will die?
(a) From overfeeding.
(b) Carrying his slippers in his mouth for fifteen years.
(c) Defending his master.
(d) Heart break.

11. What do the demons supply in abundance for Astfgl in his new office?
(a) Pitchforks.
(b) Paperwork.
(c) Assistants.
(d) The souls of clever men.

12. What have the demons installed in Astfgl's new office, informing him it is so he can communicate with his underlings?
(a) An intercom.
(b) A speaking tube.
(c) The Mirror of Souls.
(d) Cup phones.

13. What do the Ephebians uncover beneath Tsortean flagstones?
(a) The Luggage.
(b) A tunnel.
(c) A portal to Hell.
(d) Wine storage.

14. "A civilian was in every respect the lowest possible rank there was, coming somewhere after the regimental _______."
(a) Dog.
(b) Donkey.
(c) Orangutan.
(d) Cauliflower-eared sword-swinger.

15. What are Rincewind and Eric on in Hell, when they talk with Ponce da Quirm?
(a) A hill.
(b) Treadmill.
(c) The second circle.
(d) The Road to Hell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lavaeolus afraid of?

2. How many children does Rincewind count around Elenor?

3. How long will it take Lavaeolus to get home after the war?

4. How does the eagle in Hell torture the man chained to a rock?

5. What musical instrument does Eric think he and Rincewind need to escape Hell?

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