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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 101-150.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rincewind tell Eric he must do to claim the Disc?
(a) Drink a potion.
(b) Sign for it in blood.
(c) Conquer the Emporer of the Disc.
(d) Inform every monarch of his ownership.

2. The Archchancellor insists that ______ could be causing the sound of the disturbance, but the Bursar disagrees.
(a) Drains.
(b) Bells.
(c) Yellow elephants.
(d) Demons.

3. What does the creator say the Big Bang could just as easily have been?
(a) A Quick Clap.
(b) A Bit of a Burp.
(c) A Big Hiss.
(d) A Concerto.

4. What does Eric think should be a religious relic?
(a) The Luggage.
(b) A paperclip.
(c) The egg sandwich.
(d) The beach where they land.

5. Who does the café owner say let the Ephebian army in?
(a) A civilian stranger.
(b) Elenor.
(c) Quezovercoatl.
(d) A demon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eric say the most beautiful woman in the world is bound to have?

2. Who does Rincewind want to stay alive to kill a few thousand years after the Tsort war?

3. Rincewind and Eric arrive from the kingdom of Tezuma in a place that is _____ and _____.

4. "A civilian was in every respect the lowest possible rank there was, coming somewhere after the regimental _______."

5. What does Rincewind's summoner believe his is?

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