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The Disc

This is a planet that sits on the back of four large elephants that stand on the back of a large turtle.


This is the city where the Unseen University is located.


This many legged object has the ability to eat objects and people much larger then itself, and follows Rincewind everywhere he goes.

Egg Sandwich

This is given to Rincewind by the creator, and though it might be considered a religious relic, Rincewind tosses it into the ocean at the beginning of time.

Mirror of Souls

This shows Astfgl everything that is going on, although it is not all knowing.


Rincewind and Eric escape detection while meeting up with other characters on this, in Hell.

The Road to Hell

This is paved with stones etched with phrases like, "For The Sake Of the Children," and "I Meant It for the Best."


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