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Creative Subtlety

Write a scene of Rincewind and Eric trying to return to Ankh-Morpork that uses subtle humor like author, Terry Pratchett.

Joke Book

Assemble punch lines in "Eric," by Terry Pratchett, into a joke book. If needed, rewrite some of the jokes to give them context.

The Luggage

Create a wooden model of the Luggage, complete with many legs. Display it with a card describing its incredible feats.

Comic Skit

Perform a skit of the scene in the Tsortean cafe. Emphasize Rincewind's and Eric's reactions without spoiling the subtlety of the scene.

Eric Memory Game

Make a grid of small squares. Write actions or descriptions on half of the squares, writing the characters' names that fit the action or description on the other half. Players will select two squares to turn over at a time, attempting to match a character to their action.

Quezovercoatl Statue

Form a...

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