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Page 1-54

• Death hears someone who is going to die.
• A magical disturbance throughout Ankh-Morpork leads to the wizards of the university to summon Death, who reveals that Rincewind is the cause of the disturbance.
• Death reveals that the cause of the disturbance is a wizard named Rincewind who is trapped in the Dungeon Dimensions.
• Rincewind escapes the Dungeon Dimensions when he answers a demon summoning performed by a thirteen-year-old named Eric.
• Eric demands that Rincewind grants his wishes to have mastery over the world, to meet the most beautiful woman who ever lived, and to live forever.
• Rincewind snaps his fingers to prove he has no power, instead magically giving the world to Eric.
• Eric demands tribute, and Rincewind snaps his fingers.
• Eric and Rincewind are transported into the jungles of the Tezuman.

Page 54-101

• Eric is showered in gifts from the Tezuman and taken into their...

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