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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the stated purpose of the "educational chiropractor" early in Part III?
(a) To "align" the teachers' curriculum.
(b) To "work out the kinks" in school rules.
(c) To "massage" the teachers' union into agreeing to lesser pay.
(d) To "straighten out" the student body.

2. What does Esme think about the physical appearance of her former students at the graduation ceremony?
(a) They look very different.
(b) They look just about the same.
(c) They seem huge, like little adults.
(d) They are smaller than she remembers them.

3. What is Mr. Turner's criticism of the Storyteller Festival?
(a) The stories chosen are much too long.
(b) Codell is exploring race relations with the chosen stories, which is too adult a matter to deal with.
(c) It is rowdy, and probably should have been held in the commons area and not the library.
(d) The students don't seem involved, and Codell should probably have chosen better stories.

4. What conflict resolution does Kyle agree to with Zykrecia?
(a) Kyle agrees to bake her a cupcake for her upcoming birthday.
(b) Kyle agrees to return the pencil he stole.
(c) Kyle agrees to never speak to Zykrecia again.
(d) Kyle will bring her lunch for a week.

5. What kind of film does Codell show for sexual education?
(a) Basketball star Magic Johnson talking about how he acquired HIV.
(b) A Discovery channel series about sexual reproduction in the animal kingdom.
(c) A cartoon of two goldfish mixing egg and sperm.
(d) A film clip from the Michael Douglas film Basic Instinct.

Short Answer Questions

1. What teaching guidelines are given to the school by the Michael Jordan Foundation?

2. What does Codell tell B. B., which she later apologizes for?

3. What misbehavior does Melanie have a propensity to commit?

4. What is the former occupation of Esme's current principal (as of the Epilogue)?

5. In the Epilogue, what emotion does Esme associate with her former students?

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