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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is JoEllen's Native American name, as given to her in a naming ceremony?
(a) Girl of Many Questions.
(b) Girl with the Voice of Thunder.
(c) Girl with Fast Feet.
(d) Girl of Frequent Bathroom Breaks.

2. What is Codell's opinion of teaching about Anne Frank and concentration camps?
(a) She is outraged about the subject's inclusion into the curriculum, and she files a complaint with the State Board.
(b) She believes strongly in revealing the truth, sparing no unpleasant details.
(c) She decides to skip that part of the curriculum entirely; her class is just too young.
(d) She feels her children should be spared most of the details, but still learn the material.

3. Why is Codell angry after she breaks up a fight between two girls on December 8th?
(a) Codell is unable to get the girls to stop arguing after the physical fight is over.
(b) It is after school, and Codell is not compensated for her time.
(c) No other teachers stepped in to help Codell.
(d) In her attempt to stop the fight, she inadvertently injured one of the girls with her elbow.

4. How does Melanie react to the birthday party Codell throws for her on January 8th?
(a) She is joyous, laughing and singing along with the birthday song.
(b) She cries, and claims she does not deserve such attention.
(c) She is angry at Codell for "trying to replace my mom."
(d) She is moved and quiet, thanking Codell for her thoughtfulness.

5. Codell insists Mr. Turner refer to her by what title?
(a) Mrs. Raji Codell.
(b) Mrs. Esme.
(c) Ms. Codell.
(d) Ms. Esme.

Short Answer Questions

1. What theme does Codell choose for her students for their Christmas assembly?

2. What does Codell notice about the new class of teachers that will be teaching along with her at the new school?

3. Who is the first student to use the "time machine"?

4. What occurs on the bus ride to the university science fair on October 13?

5. How does Ruben show his affectionate crush for Codell?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Codell's approach to teaching about the Holocaust and Nazis?

2. Describe the Storyteller Festival.

3. Why does Codell react negatively to the "Jordan Rules" teaching guidelines?

4. Why do the students stab the substitute teacher in the back with a pencil on February 1?

5. Describe Miss Clark's attempt to teach Codell's kids on January 11.

6. Describe the day when a student brings a two-year-old brother to school.

7. Describe Codell's experience with the teachers union representative.

8. How does Ms. Federman convince Codell to remain a teacher at the school on February 15?

9. What is Codell's attitude toward teaching sexual education?

10. Describe the story Codell tells about her landlord in a November 10 entry.

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