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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Codell organize a field trip to the university science fair on October 13?
(a) To attend a lecture on physics in the real world.
(b) Because her students' standardized test scores in science were well below average.
(c) To help the kids demonstrate their backpack burglar alarm invention.
(d) To introduce her children to an erupting baking soda volcano.

2. How does Codell respond to Billy Williams when the boy claims that he hates her?
(a) "I'm not crazy about you either, kid, but we have to find a way to stand one another."
(b) "Every time you say you hate me, I'm going to give you an extra homework problem."
(c) "Every time you say that, you hurt my heart and make me sad."
(d) "No matter how you feel about me, I will always love you."

3. What gift does Codell buy for Melanie for her birthday?
(a) A pack of lip glosses in various flavors.
(b) A backpack.
(c) A child-sized purse.
(d) A Webster's Dictionary.

4. How long into Codell's teacher observation time is she allowed to teach?
(a) After one month.
(b) On the second day.
(c) She is never allowed to teach, but only observe.
(d) On the first day.

5. Whose mother complains about Codell insisting on buying dictionaries for the children?
(a) Twanette.
(b) Shira.
(c) Asha.
(d) Vanessa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the author of the book King Matt the First, which is chosen by Codell for read-aloud time?

2. Which student becomes teacher for a day, swapping places with Codell?

3. How do older teachers react to the great effort Codell takes with preparing her classroom for the first day of school?

4. Why does Mr. Turner object to Codell's school social committee guidelines on February 15th?

5. On October 29th, Codell creates an after-school club with what focus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Vanessa's problem with the Christmas assembly, and how does she overcome it?

2. How is the learning environment different at Codell's new school, versus the students described in the journal?

3. Describe the circumstances surrounding Melanie's birthday on January 8?

4. What question does Codell have for the "educational chiropractor" brought in by Mr. Turner?

5. How does Codell deal with Melanie's problem with stealing?

6. How does Codell believe that Mr. Turner chose the teachers for his school?

7. Explain the story of Ozzie becoming ill at school.

8. What is The Happy Box?

9. Describe how Zykrecia resolves a conflict with Kyle on March 28.

10. Describe the theft of the Columbus comic book and its resolution.

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