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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ozzie becoming ill at school?
(a) Ozzie is eating Elmer's glue.
(b) Fearful of going hungry, Ozzie eats several hamburgers at a time during lunch.
(c) Ozzie has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
(d) Ozzie's nausea is purely psychosomatic.

2. Which word best completes the following Codell phrase: So much of teaching is _____.
(a) Tolerating bad behavior.
(b) Taking attendance.
(c) Constructing bulletin boards.
(d) Sharing.

3. What conflict resolution does Kyle agree to with Zykrecia?
(a) Kyle agrees to return the pencil he stole.
(b) Kyle agrees to never speak to Zykrecia again.
(c) Kyle will bring her lunch for a week.
(d) Kyle agrees to bake her a cupcake for her upcoming birthday.

4. According to Codell, what is "education's best-kept secret"?
(a) A sticker award system will make fifth-graders more motivated to learn than anything else.
(b) Principals do absolutely nothing to help teachers.
(c) Teachers being personally invested in their teaching methods make them accountable.
(d) If parents were more involved in teaching, it would actually make things worse.

5. What does prefabricated curriculum lead to, in Codell's opinion?
(a) Both good and bad teachers ignoring mandates completely.
(b) The rise of only good teachers, because even the best teachers need state guidelines.
(c) Either good teachers skillfully adapting it to their needs, or bad teachers using it as a crutch.
(d) The rise of only bad teachers, because the curriculum is stifling and uncreative.

6. Who is Codell especially impressed with, in respect to his or her stitching skills?
(a) Vanessa.
(b) Ashworth.
(c) Zykrecia.
(d) Ruben.

7. What gift does Akila give to Codell?
(a) A woven basket.
(b) A gold necklace.
(c) Fake vomit, as a joke.
(d) A sari.

8. What does Codell allow Kyle to do in order to perform better at math?
(a) Stand on his head.
(b) Run two circles around the classroom.
(c) Go to the bathroom to splash water on his face.
(d) Yell at the top of his lungs.

9. What unusual request does Ms. Coil make of Codell?
(a) Ms. Coil asks Codell to help her write a screenplay about being a vice principal.
(b) Ms. Coil asks Codell to help move furniture in her apartment.
(c) Ms. Coil asks Codell to drive her car to the auto mechanic.
(d) Ms. Coil asks Codell to lend her five-hundred dollars for rent.

10. What is the result of Codell's conference with Rowisha, B. B.'s mother?
(a) Rowisha beats B. B. to the ground until he is hysterical.
(b) Rowisha never shows, and B. B. feels abandoned.
(c) Rowisha beats B. B. to the point that Codell punches the woman.
(d) Rowisha apologizes for her son, B. B. never acts up again, and the conference is a complete success.

11. Why does Codell compare teaching to an apple in her poem "How to Teach Learning"?
(a) One bad apple (student) can spoil the bunch.
(b) If a teacher makes learning like a forbidden fruit, students will want it even more, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
(c) The mind can rot, just like an apple.
(d) Learning can take many forms, like an apple can become juice or applesauce.

12. What kind of film does Codell show for sexual education?
(a) A Discovery channel series about sexual reproduction in the animal kingdom.
(b) A film clip from the Michael Douglas film Basic Instinct.
(c) Basketball star Magic Johnson talking about how he acquired HIV.
(d) A cartoon of two goldfish mixing egg and sperm.

13. Which best describes an aspect of Codell's philosophy of reading out loud to the class?
(a) Each child should have a book, so they can follow along with the reading.
(b) The teacher should read words very slowly and loudly.
(c) Any difficult words should be immediately looked up in the dictionary.
(d) The teacher should often stop to have discussions about the text.

14. What misbehavior does Melanie have a propensity to commit?
(a) Stealing.
(b) Beating up kids.
(c) Arson.
(d) Exposing herself to others.

15. Why do Ozzie's grades plummet?
(a) Ozzie has developed dyslexia.
(b) Ozzie is malnourished.
(c) His mother's ex-boyfriend is verbally and physically abusive.
(d) Ozzie has joined a gang.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Codell come to realize about the teaching education she received?

2. What kind of people too often dominate public education, according to Trelease?

3. What kind of school did Esme transfer to after the school of her first year of teaching?

4. What award does Codell receive during the events in the book?

5. What does Esme think about the physical appearance of her former students at the graduation ceremony?

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