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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is NOT one of the reasons, according to Jim Trelease, that Educating Esme is "terribly relevant"?
(a) Although Codell's students didn't learn the "right" things, they had a ton of fun along the way.
(b) It provides a realistic snapshot of American education.
(c) Codell is young, and represents the future.
(d) Codell was a success, and her students learned.

2. What does JoEllen ask Codell during sexual education?
(a) JoEllen wonders if she will eventually lay an egg.
(b) JoEllen wonders if sex involves goldfish.
(c) JoEllen wonders if sex has to take place underwater.
(d) JoEllen wonders what her mom meant by the term "abortion."

3. Why does Codell compare teaching to an apple in her poem "How to Teach Learning"?
(a) If a teacher makes learning like a forbidden fruit, students will want it even more, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
(b) The mind can rot, just like an apple.
(c) Learning can take many forms, like an apple can become juice or applesauce.
(d) One bad apple (student) can spoil the bunch.

4. When Mr. Turner sees Codell and several of her students wearing saris, what does he think?
(a) He believes Codell is mocking his own wearing of a sari two weeks earlier.
(b) He believes Codell is performing an open act of defiance.
(c) He believes Codell is having a cultural festival.
(d) He believes Codell is a terrible influence on her students.

5. What is Mr. Turner's criticism of the Storyteller Festival?
(a) Codell is exploring race relations with the chosen stories, which is too adult a matter to deal with.
(b) The stories chosen are much too long.
(c) The students don't seem involved, and Codell should probably have chosen better stories.
(d) It is rowdy, and probably should have been held in the commons area and not the library.

6. What kind of school did Esme transfer to after the school of her first year of teaching?
(a) A suburban school with mostly minorities.
(b) A white, suburban school.
(c) A technical trade college.
(d) A black, inner-city school.

7. What does Codell come to realize about the teaching education she received?
(a) It did little to prepare her for the realities of teaching children.
(b) It was the best time of her young life.
(c) It was entirely too expensive considering its true value.
(d) It was invaluable, and surprisingly effective at preparing her for all sorts of emergencies.

8. What does Codell secretly dream about being, rather than a teacher?
(a) Professional softball player.
(b) Climatologist.
(c) Opera singer.
(d) Television personality.

9. Esme's current principal (as of the Epilogue) has what sort of relationship with Esme?
(a) Positive and supportive.
(b) Esme married her current principal.
(c) Cool and indifferent.
(d) Nasty and strained.

10. How long did Esme Codell work at the first school she taught at?
(a) As of the Epilogue, she continues to teach there to this day.
(b) One year.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Two years.

11. What unusual request does Ms. Coil make of Codell?
(a) Ms. Coil asks Codell to help move furniture in her apartment.
(b) Ms. Coil asks Codell to lend her five-hundred dollars for rent.
(c) Ms. Coil asks Codell to drive her car to the auto mechanic.
(d) Ms. Coil asks Codell to help her write a screenplay about being a vice principal.

12. Which child is especially shy about being a storyteller?
(a) Serena.
(b) B. B.
(c) Ozzie.
(d) Maurissa.

13. What is the former occupation of Esme's current principal (as of the Epilogue)?
(a) Civil engineer.
(b) Army colonel.
(c) College professor.
(d) School librarian.

14. What song does Codell hear in her mind when she has recess duty?
(a) "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" by B. J. Thomas.
(b) "Stoney End" by Laura Nyro.
(c) "Sing a Simple Song" by Sly and the Family Stone.
(d) "Cinderella's Departure for the Ball" by Prokofiev.

15. What activity did Codell have the class do to learn about Asia?
(a) Make a kimono.
(b) Dress as samurai.
(c) Make sushi.
(d) Stage a kabuki theater play.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of her thirty-one students, how many graduate from middle school at the ceremony Codell witnesses?

2. In the Epilogue, what emotion does Esme associate with her former students?

3. Why does B. B. sleep over at Codell's apartment one night?

4. What animal does Melanie do her vertebrate report on?

5. Which student does Codell want as her little sister?

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