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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the stated purpose of the "educational chiropractor" early in Part III?
(a) To "straighten out" the student body.
(b) To "massage" the teachers' union into agreeing to lesser pay.
(c) To "align" the teachers' curriculum.
(d) To "work out the kinks" in school rules.

2. Why does B. B. start to misbehave around 1:20 PM every day?
(a) Codell never figures out why he suddenly changes at this time.
(b) B. B. never has anything to eat at lunch.
(c) B. B. is faced with the prospect of going home to his wheelchair-bound father.
(d) B. B. knows he is missing his favorite cartoon show at that time.

3. How does Codell teach Melanie to control her destructive urges?
(a) Codell tells her that when she has a "funny feeling" in her stomach telling her to commit a crime, she should find Codell instead.
(b) Codell tells Melanie to think about sitting on the beach in Hawaii, rather than committing the crime.
(c) Codell refuses to let Melanie check out any books from the classroom library unless Melanie stops.
(d) Codell calls a parent-teacher conference to explain the issue to Melanie's mother.

4. In Codell's reading group method, what role does the "literary luminary" play?
(a) Reading passages out loud.
(b) Defining difficult words in the text.
(c) Making questions up about the book.
(d) Guessing what comes next in the plot of the book.

5. How long did Esme Codell work at the first school she taught at?
(a) As of the Epilogue, she continues to teach there to this day.
(b) One year.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Two years.

6. What award does Codell receive during the events in the book?
(a) The Caldecott Silver Teaching award.
(b) The Dr. Peggy Williams award for outstanding Language Arts teacher.
(c) The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. award for outstanding new urban school teacher.
(d) The Connie Porter award for reading excellence.

7. What animal does Melanie do her vertebrate report on?
(a) Hyena.
(b) Rat.
(c) Giraffe.
(d) Cat.

8. What does Codell allow Kyle to do in order to perform better at math?
(a) Stand on his head.
(b) Yell at the top of his lungs.
(c) Run two circles around the classroom.
(d) Go to the bathroom to splash water on his face.

9. What best describes Codell's approach to disciplining children?
(a) Teachers should do little to no disciplining; disciplining stifles creativity.
(b) Codell longs for the days in which teachers could physically discipline students, because it was so effective.
(c) The bulk of a teachers' efforts should be put toward discipline.
(d) Teachers should only do mild disciplining; principals should handle true problem children.

10. Of her thirty-one students, how many graduate from middle school at the ceremony Codell witnesses?
(a) Thirty-one.
(b) Four.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Sixteen.

11. How does Codell teach the students to multiply double-digit numbers?
(a) By staging a Jeopardy-style game show.
(b) By having the students create an Aesop's Fable about the numbers.
(c) By using "cha-cha" dance steps.
(d) By creating an elaborate flashcard system.

12. What kind of film does Codell show for sexual education?
(a) A cartoon of two goldfish mixing egg and sperm.
(b) Basketball star Magic Johnson talking about how he acquired HIV.
(c) A Discovery channel series about sexual reproduction in the animal kingdom.
(d) A film clip from the Michael Douglas film Basic Instinct.

13. Which best describes an aspect of Codell's philosophy of reading out loud to the class?
(a) Any difficult words should be immediately looked up in the dictionary.
(b) The teacher should often stop to have discussions about the text.
(c) The teacher should read words very slowly and loudly.
(d) Each child should have a book, so they can follow along with the reading.

14. Which child is especially shy about being a storyteller?
(a) Maurissa.
(b) Serena.
(c) B. B.
(d) Ozzie.

15. Why is Codell afraid of B. B. returning from suspension?
(a) She is afraid B. B. will decide to quit school altogether.
(b) She is afraid Mr. Turner will doubt that the suspension was necessary at all.
(c) She is afraid B. B. will return with a gun and shoot her.
(d) She is afraid B. B. will beat up Vanessa in an act of revenge.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Codell's reading group method, what role does the "practical predictor" play?

2. What does JoEllen ask Codell during sexual education?

3. Which word best completes the following Codell phrase: So much of teaching is _____.

4. In the Epilogue, what is Esme Codell's impression of Mr. Turner?

5. What is the plot of the story "The Pudding Like the Night on the Sea"?

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