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Esmé Raji Codell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Codell's immediate supervisor at her work in Part I?
(a) Ismene.
(b) Lillia.
(c) Ms. Federman.
(d) Mr. Turner.

2. What theme does Codell choose for her students for their Christmas assembly?
(a) A Cajun Christmas.
(b) It's a Hairy Merry Christmas.
(c) California Christmas.
(d) Ye Olde London Christmas.

3. What is Codell's opinion of teaching about Anne Frank and concentration camps?
(a) She is outraged about the subject's inclusion into the curriculum, and she files a complaint with the State Board.
(b) She decides to skip that part of the curriculum entirely; her class is just too young.
(c) She believes strongly in revealing the truth, sparing no unpleasant details.
(d) She feels her children should be spared most of the details, but still learn the material.

4. According to a November 10th entry, what did Codell's landlord call her father's apartment?
(a) A palace of learning.
(b) A filthy mess.
(c) A whorehouse.
(d) A den of sin.

5. How does Codell interact with the Slick Boys "Just Say No" campaign?
(a) She joins the Slick Boys on stage and impresses with her dance moves.
(b) She feels the scantily-clad dancers are inappropriate for children, and she stops the assembly.
(c) She is asked to participate in a "Just Say No" role-play, in which she says "No" to marijuana.
(d) She is asked to participate in a "Just Say No" role-play, in which she plays a drug dealer.

6. Which student becomes teacher for a day, swapping places with Codell?
(a) Serena.
(b) JoEllen.
(c) Ruben.
(d) Billy Williams.

7. When an architect shows Codell her future classroom in Part I, which of the following is something Codell thinks?
(a) She wishes the classroom was on the second story for safety reasons.
(b) She is glad her classroom is so far away from Mr. Turner's office.
(c) The classroom will be much too small for her expected number of students.
(d) She does not like the "new construction" smell, preferring the unique smell of a school classroom.

8. What is the ethnic makeup of Codell's class?
(a) Mostly hispanic.
(b) About half and half, black and white.
(c) Mostly white.
(d) Mostly black.

9. Codell insists Mr. Turner refer to her by what title?
(a) Ms. Codell.
(b) Mrs. Raji Codell.
(c) Ms. Esme.
(d) Mrs. Esme.

10. On September 27, what book is read that inspires Ashworth to reveal his missing digit to the class?
(a) The Hundred Dresses.
(b) Helen Keller's Life.
(c) Greek Myths.
(d) The Bat-Poet.

11. What problem does Vanessa have in announcing the class' Christmas show?
(a) She has extreme stage fright, and is too nervous to speak her lines.
(b) She consistently mispronounces a word in the announcement.
(c) She struggles with a severe lisp.
(d) The announcement is too long, and she cannot memorize it.

12. According to Ms. Coil, how do teachers (besides Codell) react to her suggestions to improve the design of their classrooms?
(a) Teachers usually tell Ms.Coil they are too busy to see her, in an effort to ignore her.
(b) Teachers usually make the suggested changes without any resistance.
(c) Teachers tell Ms. Coil, in different words, to get lost.
(d) Teachers agree with the vast majority of suggestions Ms. Coil makes.

13. What does Codell find is particularly effective when it comes to teaching about Nazism?
(a) She chooses a well-respected history book on the subject to read aloud with the class.
(b) She compares Nazis to Ku Klux Klan members, giving the children a group they are more familiar with.
(c) She decides to skip the teaching of Nazis; her class is simply too young.
(d) She chooses to show a brief film clip of Hitler delivering a speech.

14. What poem, dedicated to Brandi, does Codell make her October 19th entry?
(a) How to Teach Impossible Students.
(b) How to Tame a Tiger.
(c) How to Fold a Paper Snowflake.
(d) How to Draw an Invisible Dragon.

15. Whose mother complains about Codell insisting on buying dictionaries for the children?
(a) Asha.
(b) Vanessa.
(c) Twanette.
(d) Shira.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Codell make her "time machine" out of?

2. On October 29th, Codell creates an after-school club with what focus?

3. What about Mr. Turner's phone call habits irks Codell in the first few entries of the book?

4. What is JoEllen's Native American name, as given to her in a naming ceremony?

5. How does the student Codell makes teacher for the day start the morning?

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