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Esmé Raji Codell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue and Afterword.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Codell buy for Melanie for her birthday?
(a) A child-sized purse.
(b) A Webster's Dictionary.
(c) A pack of lip glosses in various flavors.
(d) A backpack.

2. Why does B. B. start to misbehave around 1:20 PM every day?
(a) Codell never figures out why he suddenly changes at this time.
(b) B. B. is faced with the prospect of going home to his wheelchair-bound father.
(c) B. B. never has anything to eat at lunch.
(d) B. B. knows he is missing his favorite cartoon show at that time.

3. What activity did Codell have the class do to learn about Asia?
(a) Stage a kabuki theater play.
(b) Make sushi.
(c) Make a kimono.
(d) Dress as samurai.

4. How do older teachers react to the great effort Codell takes with preparing her classroom for the first day of school?
(a) Most think Codell has done too much, creating an overstimulating environment.
(b) The teachers applaud Codell and reward her with a Teacher of the Month award.
(c) The teachers believe Codell has done an average job, and are indifferent.
(d) Many emulate Codell's colorful bulletin boards.

5. What does JoEllen ask Codell during sexual education?
(a) JoEllen wonders if sex involves goldfish.
(b) JoEllen wonders if she will eventually lay an egg.
(c) JoEllen wonders what her mom meant by the term "abortion."
(d) JoEllen wonders if sex has to take place underwater.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Jim Trelease, what kind of portrayal is Educating Esme, with respect to American education?

2. How does the student Codell makes teacher for the day start the morning?

3. According to Esme, how do her new students in her new school (as of the Epilogue) behave?

4. When do parents "throw a tantrum" at Esme's new school (as of the Epilogue)?

5. What poem, dedicated to Brandi, does Codell make her October 19th entry?

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