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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who set the booby trap on the latrine?
(a) A soldier gone crazy
(b) The VC
(c) Vietnamese civilians
(d) The reporters

2. What is a TAOR?
(a) Tactical Army of Response
(b) Tactical Base of Responsiblity
(c) Training And Ovation Response
(d) Tactics Armory of Reconnaissance

3. Reporters compare the Khe Sanh base to what other military conflict?
(a) Saigon
(b) Ho Chi Minh
(c) Tokyo
(d) Dien Bien Phu

4. What is the official death toll for Ia Drang listed at?
(a) 3000
(b) 300
(c) 400
(d) 500

5. What do the troops find in the city of Hue?
(a) A large company of NVA troops
(b) Fresh replacement troops from America
(c) A deserted city
(d) Thousands of dead bodies

Short Answer Questions

1. When do NVA troops begin building up around the Khe Sanh base?

2. How many times does the young marine miss his transport?

3. What is the young marine's laugh like when it does come out?

4. Why do many soldiers miss details that could have kept them alive?

5. What do the soldiers trade for the marijuana?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the reaction Herr has to seeing dead bodies and how the soldiers react when they kill the enemy.

2. Discuss what an NVA attack on Khe Sanh with the tanks would mean for the American soldiers.

3. Who are Day Tripper and Mayhew? What does Herr do with them?

4. How does the image of the World War II correspondent typing by candlelight relate to the Marines diverse views regarding war correspondents?

5. What is the Khe Sanh Combat Base and who forms it?

6. What role does luck play in the lives of the soldiers?

7. Who are the Montagnards and what role do they play in the Vietnam War?

8. Describe the effects of fatigue on the soldiers.

9. Describe Herr's first encounter with the Marines and how that affects Herr.

10. How do the soldiers feel about the war?

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