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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to South Vietnamese at Hue?
(a) They are given reprive to go home
(b) They are executed by NVA
(c) They are recruited by the Americans
(d) They are taken to POW camps

2. What happens on the day the young marine is supposed to leave?
(a) He misses his transport
(b) He shoots himself in the foot
(c) He shoots himself in the hand
(d) He is killed

3. What is the most popular strategy for ending the war according to the soldiers?
(a) Letting the NVA take over
(b) Levelling the country
(c) Going home
(d) Remaining in Vietnam forever

4. How does Herr get a bloody nose?
(a) He runs into a tree
(b) He is hit by mortar fire
(c) He is punched by Flynn
(d) He is kicked in the nose by another soldier

5. What is the young marine's laugh like when it does come out?
(a) A high giggle
(b) He covers his mouth
(c) Like a hyena
(d) Loud snorts

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the four geographical areas of Vietnam?

2. Where does Saigon look beautiful?

3. When do NVA troops begin building up around the Khe Sanh base?

4. What does Herr say plays behind the young marine's eyes?

5. What do most of the soldiers try to avoid in one way or another?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the battle at Khe Sanh.

2. What role does luck play in the lives of the soldiers?

3. Why do soldiers take body part trophies? Does drug use play a role in this practice?

4. How does the chapter's title reflect the feelings of the soldiers and differ from the upper brass's description of the war?

5. Discuss some of the reasons men have joined the military.

6. Discuss Herr's comments about the NVA who refused to come out of his spider hole and the numerous ways a man can be killed in Vietnam.

7. How does the presence of the correspondents lend importance to missions and also detract from the importance of the soldiers job?

8. How does the news of Day Tripper and Mayhew affect Herr's time at China Beach?

9. Describe what the soldiers and correspondents pack when going into battle.

10. Describe the condition "shell shock." Why do parents fear their sons will come home with it and why do soldiers with it not want to return home?

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