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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event occurs at the same time as the Khe Sanh battle?
(a) Page dies in battle
(b) The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
(c) Herr's birthday
(d) The Beatles visit Saigon

2. What does Herr begin the chapter with?
(a) A memory from his childhood
(b) Twenty accounts that happen during Vietnam
(c) An account of the Tet Offensive
(d) A listing of soldiers who died at Khe Sanh

3. What rock and roll artist does one soldier play during a firefight?
(a) Jimi Hendrix
(b) The Beatles
(c) Elvis Presley
(d) Buddy Holly

4. What do the Marines find in the hills once occupied by the NVA?
(a) That the NVA are still hiding in spider holes
(b) That they left in a hurry leaving their packs behind
(c) That the NVA had mass weapon caches in the hills
(d) That the NVA were not as numerous as believed

5. What does Davies' in-country wife do for a living?
(a) She is a prostitute
(b) She works in the EM Club
(c) She sells vegetables
(d) She cleans latrines

6. How often do soldiers get to go to China Beach?
(a) Every month
(b) At least once during a 13-month tour
(c) Every two weeks
(d) Only if their CO recommends them

7. The Special Forces man who kills one enemy and frees one prisoner is rewarded for killing how many and rescuing how many?
(a) Killing 2 and rescuing 1
(b) Killing 14 and rescuing 6
(c) Killing 1 and rescuing 1
(d) Killing 1 and rescuing 5

8. Herr compares the landscape around Khe Sanh to what?
(a) A dead body
(b) A moonscape
(c) A beautiful painting
(d) A volcanic eruption

9. With which newspaper is Peter Braestrup associated?
(a) Boston Globe
(b) New York Times
(c) Washington Post
(d) Philadelphia Enquirer

10. With which magazine is Karsten Prager associated?
(a) Life
(b) Esquire
(c) Time
(d) Newsweek

11. With which general do Herr and Prager meet?
(a) General Thompson
(b) General Tompkins
(c) General Eisenhower
(d) General North

12. What is a Seabee?
(a) The coast guard
(b) A Green Beret trained in aquatics
(c) A Navy Seal
(d) A construction battalion

13. How many writers does Herr estimate are in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive?
(a) 6-7
(b) 100-200
(c) 600-700
(d) 60-70

14. How old is Page on his next birthday?
(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 25
(d) 21

15. Herr compares some of the reporters to what other profession?
(a) police officers
(b) movie stars
(c) secretaries
(d) accountants

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Herr keeps in contact with his friends and colleagues when he returns to the States, he feels what?

2. How many meters separate the bunkers and the NVA trenches?

3. What sights upset Day Tripper?

4. How does Herr find the conditions now in Khe Sanh?

5. What is the General's response?

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