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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With which general do Herr and Prager meet?
(a) General Thompson
(b) General North
(c) General Tompkins
(d) General Eisenhower

2. Herr compares some of the reporters to what other profession?
(a) accountants
(b) secretaries
(c) police officers
(d) movie stars

3. When do the Marines finally leave Khe Sanh?
(a) In the spring
(b) They are under siege and cannot leave
(c) The Marines establish a permanent base at Khe Sanh
(d) They spend the rest of the war at Khe Sanh

4. What does the NCO's friend do to their school teacher?
(a) Licks her face
(b) Grabs her bottom
(c) Makes her cry
(d) Asks her on a date

5. What does one correspondent ride through the middle of a battle?
(a) An open top jeep
(b) A bicycle
(c) A tank
(d) A water buffalo

6. What is the unspoken fear Herr does not mention?
(a) That the NVA have more unknown weapons
(b) That the NVA will overrun Khe Sanh like Langvei
(c) That he will not get out of Khe Sanh alive
(d) That Americans will run out of ammunition

7. What is China Beach?
(a) Another military base
(b) A place where correspondents give press junkets
(c) A place for in-country R&R
(d) The head of military operations

8. Where are the smaller bases built?
(a) Along the route to Saigon
(b) Along the route to My Lai
(c) Along the route to Khe Sanh
(d) Along the route to Hue

9. What does the photographer witness soldiers doing with VC bodies?
(a) Hanging them from trees
(b) Lighting them on fire
(c) Dropping them out of a helicopter
(d) Burying them in a mass grave

10. Who do Prager and Herr meet with?
(a) They attend a press junket
(b) The leader of the NVA
(c) President Johnson
(d) General Tompkins

11. What sights upset Day Tripper?
(a) The NVA soldiers hanging on the wire fence
(b) Wounded
(c) Piles of dead Vietnamese
(d) Mayhew losing a leg

12. What is an RPG?
(a) A Reinforcement Platoon Grange
(b) A Rocket Propelled Grenade
(c) A Rocket Placed Grenade
(d) A Rolling Pocket Grenande

13. Who is the press secretary for Khe Sanh?
(a) Colonel David Lownds
(b) Dana Stone
(c) Herr
(d) Seann Flynn Page

14. What do the Marines discover in the hills?
(a) Massacred villagers
(b) Ammunition and arms supplies
(c) Entrenched NVA troops
(d) The NVA left in a hurry

15. Who gets regular leave to China Beach?
(a) The Press Corps
(b) The officers
(c) Wounded Marines
(d) Good combat Marines

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Day Tripper and Mayhew's bunker located?

2. Where does Herr go following Khe Sanh?

3. Who recognizes Herr at China Beach?

4. What are the two realities of the war?

5. Where is Mayhew's friend recovering before returning to Khe Sanh?

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