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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herr smoke before sleeping that causes him to have strange dreams?
(a) A Vietnamese Cigar
(b) Cocaine
(c) Heroin
(d) Marijuana

2. President Johnson's comment about Khe Sanh is considered what?
(a) An encouragement to the troops
(b) Propaganda
(c) A political move
(d) An excuse for the Americans defeat

3. What is the trick to survival?
(a) Always keep moving
(b) Listen to your commander
(c) Keep your head low
(d) Stay put

4. Who fought the Vietnamese in Dien Bien Phu?
(a) The Japanese
(b) The French
(c) The Chinese
(d) The Montagnards

5. What type of people are the Montagnards?
(a) Reclusive and primitive
(b) City dwellers
(c) South Vietnamese guerillas
(d) NVA outcasts

6. When is Herr in Vietnam?
(a) 1965 -1967
(b) 1967 - 1968
(c) 1967 - 1969
(d) 1963 -1965

7. What is the name of the river by Hue?
(a) The Euphrates
(b) The Perfume River
(c) The Khe Sahn River
(d) The River of Tears

8. What are the names the military gives to the geographical areas of Vietnam?
(a) DMZ, Eye Corps, Mountains, Delta
(b) I Corps, DMZ, Cam Ranh Bay, Saigon
(c) I Corps, II Corps, III Corps, IV Corps
(d) Saigon, China Beach, Khe Sanh, Ho Chi Minh

9. Where are the Americans best at fighting?
(a) In the Air
(b) On land
(c) In the ground cover
(d) In Saigon

10. There are eight thousand American troops facing how many NVA troops?
(a) Forty Thousand
(b) Ten Thousand
(c) Twenty Thousand
(d) Four Thosand

11. What do the soldiers trade for the marijuana?
(a) Cigarettes
(b) Food rations
(c) Ammunition
(d) Weapons

12. What is booby trapped with a grenade?
(a) A helmet
(b) A tent door
(c) A tank
(d) A latrine

13. What happens to South Vietnamese at Hue?
(a) They are given reprive to go home
(b) They are recruited by the Americans
(c) They are executed by NVA
(d) They are taken to POW camps

14. What geographical area is close to Khe Sanh and is dangerous even without the war?
(a) The highlands
(b) The plains
(c) The lowlands
(d) The delta

15. Who do some American soldiers fight for?
(a) The Japanese
(b) The VC
(c) The Chinese
(d) The French

Short Answer Questions

1. What does NVA stand for?

2. Where is the enemy most effective?

3. Where does Saigon look beautiful?

4. Where does the chapter's title come from?

5. When does Herr finally take up a weapon?

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