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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Herr finally take up a weapon?
(a) When he is dared to shoot a water buffalo
(b) When a VC threatens him
(c) During the Tet Offensive
(d) When another soldier makes him use a gun

2. When does the Dak To battle take place?
(a) December 1954
(b) April 1971
(c) November 1967
(d) March 1967

3. What type of people are the Montagnards?
(a) NVA outcasts
(b) Reclusive and primitive
(c) City dwellers
(d) South Vietnamese guerillas

4. What phrase is used even though most soldiers don't mean it?
(a) Good Luck
(b) Break a Leg
(c) Good Job
(d) Give them Heck

5. What do most of the soldiers try to avoid in one way or another?
(a) Wearing their dog tags
(b) Dreaming
(c) Going back to America
(d) Getting shot at

6. Many soldiers carry what to keep them safe?
(a) An extra grenade
(b) Good luck charms
(c) A handgun
(d) A knife in their boot

7. Who says he is now emperor?
(a) Khe Sahn
(b) Major Tra Wahn
(c) Major Trong
(d) Ho Chi Minh

8. What does one veteran correspondent say is the most useful thing to know in Vietnam?
(a) To know where to get drugs
(b) To get home quickly
(c) To hit the floor quickly
(d) To learn how to fire a weapon properly

9. When is Herr in Vietnam?
(a) 1967 - 1968
(b) 1967 - 1969
(c) 1965 -1967
(d) 1963 -1965

10. Where do the American soldiers get marijuana?
(a) From Vietnamese soldiers
(b) From their COs
(c) At the PX
(d) In the mountains

11. What does Herr wear on his first day in Vietnam?
(a) Combat boots, shorts and a flack jacket
(b) Shorts and a Hawaiin shirt
(c) New fatigues
(d) Jeans, a tie-dye t-shirt and flip flops

12. Where is Herr working as a war correspondent?
(a) Germany
(b) Korea
(c) The Pentagon
(d) South Vietnam

13. Where does the chapter's title come from?
(a) A saying soldiers paint on their helmets
(b) A propaganda slogan
(c) A popular song
(d) The nickname for the Tet Offensive

14. When was terrorism at its worst?
(a) 1963 - 1965
(b) 1961-1963
(c) 1965 -1973
(d) 1963-1973

15. Where does Herr find himself during a downpour?
(a) China Beach
(b) An airfield in Kontum
(c) A bunker in the jungle
(d) A hotel in Saigon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fights with the Montagnards against the NVA?

2. Why do military officials say Khe Sanh is different from Dien Bien Phu?

3. What is the young marine's laugh like when it does come out?

4. From where is the young marine departing?

5. When did Dien Bien Phu occur?

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