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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Part III Khe Sanh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. President Johnson's comment about Khe Sanh is considered what?
(a) An encouragement to the troops
(b) Propaganda
(c) An excuse for the Americans defeat
(d) A political move

2. What type of transport is the young marine awaiting?
(a) Medevac
(b) C-123
(c) Coast Guard
(d) Green Berets

3. What do the troops find in the city of Hue?
(a) A large company of NVA troops
(b) Fresh replacement troops from America
(c) Thousands of dead bodies
(d) A deserted city

4. What phrase is used even though most soldiers don't mean it?
(a) Good Job
(b) Break a Leg
(c) Give them Heck
(d) Good Luck

5. What is booby trapped with a grenade?
(a) A helmet
(b) A tent door
(c) A latrine
(d) A tank

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do some American soldiers fight for?

2. What does Herr say is the reason he came to Vietnam?

3. Which president declares that Khe Sanh cannot fall to the NVA?

4. In what city is Herr's apartment?

5. What does ARVN stand for?

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