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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Part II Colleagues.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the trick to survival?
(a) Listen to your commander
(b) Always keep moving
(c) Stay put
(d) Keep your head low

2. What battles take place in 1965 that cost numerous American lives?
(a) Hue
(b) Khe Sanh
(c) Saigon
(d) Ia Drang

3. When was terrorism at its worst?
(a) 1963-1973
(b) 1961-1963
(c) 1963 - 1965
(d) 1965 -1973

4. What does one veteran correspondent say is the most useful thing to know in Vietnam?
(a) To learn how to fire a weapon properly
(b) To know where to get drugs
(c) To get home quickly
(d) To hit the floor quickly

5. Herr begins the chapter with a scene from what war?
(a) World War I
(b) World War II
(c) The Korean War
(d) The Civil War

Short Answer Questions

1. Who set the booby trap on the latrine?

2. How does Herr find the conditions now in Khe Sanh?

3. What sights upset Day Tripper?

4. Some soldiers feel they must stop the war or Communism will go where?

5. What is booby trapped with a grenade?

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