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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Part II Colleagues.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herr call a company of soldiers returning from battle?
(a) Baby killers
(b) A colony of stroke victims
(c) Far from heroic
(d) Vietnams heroes

2. Who is the press secretary for Khe Sanh?
(a) Seann Flynn Page
(b) Colonel David Lownds
(c) Herr
(d) Dana Stone

3. How many meters separate the bunkers and the NVA trenches?
(a) One hundred
(b) Three hundred
(c) Five hundred
(d) Twenty

4. How many writers does Herr estimate are in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive?
(a) 600-700
(b) 6-7
(c) 100-200
(d) 60-70

5. How often do soldiers get to go to China Beach?
(a) Every month
(b) At least once during a 13-month tour
(c) Every two weeks
(d) Only if their CO recommends them

Short Answer Questions

1. What geographical area is close to Khe Sanh and is dangerous even without the war?

2. What are the streets of Saigon full of?

3. What do the soldiers do in China Beach?

4. What tribes control the mountains?

5. When did Dien Bien Phu occur?

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