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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 Hell Sucks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does ARVN stand for?
(a) Army Reinforcements for Vietnam
(b) Armed Reconnaissance for Vietnam
(c) Army of the Repubic of Vietnam
(d) Armed Republic Vietnamese

2. What is the most popular strategy for ending the war according to the soldiers?
(a) Remaining in Vietnam forever
(b) Letting the NVA take over
(c) Levelling the country
(d) Going home

3. In what city is Herr's apartment?
(a) Tokyo
(b) China Beach
(c) Ho Chi Minh
(d) Saigon

4. What do the soldiers trade for the marijuana?
(a) Cigarettes
(b) Ammunition
(c) Weapons
(d) Food rations

5. What does Herr wear on his first day in Vietnam?
(a) Jeans, a tie-dye t-shirt and flip flops
(b) New fatigues
(c) Shorts and a Hawaiin shirt
(d) Combat boots, shorts and a flack jacket

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase is used even though most soldiers don't mean it?

2. Who does Herr tour a palace with?

3. When is Herr in Vietnam?

4. What jungle disease takes down many strong men?

5. Who is Seann Flynn's famous father?

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