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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Part V Khe Sanh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two emotions does Herr feel looking at pictures of dead people?
(a) Shock and fascination
(b) Fascination and Horror
(c) Repulsion and fascination
(d) Shock and Repulsion

2. According to Herr, no parents want their son to return with this.
(a) Depression
(b) Malaria
(c) Gonorrhea
(d) Shell shock

3. Why does the young marine not show any mirth in his smile?
(a) He was blinded by a grenade
(b) He murdered a Vietnamese woman
(c) He saw half his company killed
(d) He was a POW

4. How does Herr get a bloody nose?
(a) He is punched by Flynn
(b) He is kicked in the nose by another soldier
(c) He is hit by mortar fire
(d) He runs into a tree

5. What is another term for shell shock?
(a) acute envronmental reaction
(b) post traumatic stress disorder
(c) Agoraphobia
(d) veteran's disease

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of transport is the young marine awaiting?

2. What phrase is used even though most soldiers don't mean it?

3. Who is defeated during the battle of Dien Bien Phu?

4. Reporters compare the Khe Sanh base to what other military conflict?

5. For how many miles does the front at Dak To stretch?

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