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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Part V Khe Sanh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a fatal mistake made by the Marines?
(a) Not bringing enough ammunition
(b) Underestimating the enemy
(c) Not calling for reinforcements
(d) Not having enough food

2. What does Herr call a company of soldiers returning from battle?
(a) Far from heroic
(b) Baby killers
(c) Vietnams heroes
(d) A colony of stroke victims

3. When is the Khe Sanh Combat Base started?
(a) 1965
(b) 1967
(c) 1962
(d) 1954

4. Many soldiers carry what to keep them safe?
(a) A handgun
(b) Good luck charms
(c) An extra grenade
(d) A knife in their boot

5. When does the Dak To battle take place?
(a) March 1967
(b) April 1971
(c) December 1954
(d) November 1967

Short Answer Questions

1. From where is the young marine departing?

2. According to Herr, how do the higher levels of the military behave?

3. What type of transport is the young marine awaiting?

4. What is the term for the condition which affects many soldiers experiencing terrible events in war?

5. What question does Prager ask the General?

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