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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 Illumination Rounds.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Special Forces man who kills one enemy and frees one prisoner is rewarded for killing how many and rescuing how many?
(a) Killing 14 and rescuing 6
(b) Killing 1 and rescuing 5
(c) Killing 1 and rescuing 1
(d) Killing 2 and rescuing 1

2. What sights upset Day Tripper?
(a) Mayhew losing a leg
(b) The NVA soldiers hanging on the wire fence
(c) Piles of dead Vietnamese
(d) Wounded

3. Where are Day Tripper and Mayhew from respectively?
(a) Kansas City and Atlanta
(b) Detroit and Kansas City
(c) Detroit and New York City
(d) Chicago and Detroit

4. Where does the chapter's title come from?
(a) The nickname for the Tet Offensive
(b) A saying soldiers paint on their helmets
(c) A propaganda slogan
(d) A popular song

5. The brass declare what after the Tet Offensive?
(a) Retreat
(b) They are pulling out of the war
(c) Defeat
(d) Victory

Short Answer Questions

1. What does ARVN stand for?

2. What do the troops find in the city of Hue?

3. Who do some American soldiers fight for?

4. What does Herr begin the chapter with?

5. What is the name of the river by Hue?

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