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Object Descriptions

South Vietnam - The country in which most of the ground action takes place during the Vietnam War.

Khe Sanh - The site of the longest siege during the Vietnam War.

Dien Bien Phu - A battle during the French engagement in Vietnam which signaled the end of French presence.

Hue - The old capital of Vietnam where NVA execute many of its citizens.

Saigon - The capital of South Vietnam where the VC regularly shell and set bombs.

China Beach - The coastal recreation area near Danang where Marines who perform well in the field are sent for rest and relaxation.

Triage - The part of a field hospital where doctors decide which wounded soldiers to treat first.

Huey - A type of helicopter that transports ground troops and correspondents from place to place during the Vietnam War.

M-16 - The most common rifle in use...

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