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Chapter 1, Part I Breathing In

• Herr works as a war correspondent in South Vietnam.

• He is based out of Saigon but travels with several other correspondents to various military camps.

• Herr sees first hand the toll the war and drugs take on the soldiers.

• Herr cannot get used to the fast pace of military life.

Chapter 1, Part II Breathing In

• Herr remembers his initial introduction to war and death as a young kid.

• He discusses his motives for coming to Vietnam but mentions that the war affects him in ways he did not think possible.

• Herr describes some of the reasons that soldiers came to Vietnam.

• He also describes the quality of stories that the soldiers tell him.

• Herr's account of the war is a bit mundane and as stale as the stories the soldiers tell him.

Chapter 1, Part III Breathing In

• Herr uses marijuana and has horrific...

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