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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the weather like on the night Sandra goes into labor?

2. What was Ray Brower doing the day he died?

3. Who applies themselves in school and want to go to law school?

4. In The Body, which friend is physically hurt by their father when returning from the war?

5. What state does The Body take place?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Apt Pupil: How did you feel about Kurt by the end of the story? Did you want to see him succeed at the end of the story and become successful and find a way out of his situation? Did your opinions of him have anything to do with him being one of the main characters in the story? Even though Kurt was a bad guy, is it hard to watch the main character in a story fall?

Essay Topic 2

Apt Pupil: In the story Todd and Kurt both have nightmares due to the stories Kurt tells of the concentration camps.Do you think Kurt was wrong for being blackmailed by such a young person and do you think he had any way out of the situation? Do you think Kurt should have tried to cover up some of the things that went on at the concentration camps due to Todd's age, even though Todd wanted to know all of the details? Explain your answers.

Essay Topic 3

The Body: Teddy is abused by his father when he returns from the war by having a hot plate held to his ear. His father is then sent to a military hospital.

1) Why do you think Teddy's father hurt him and do you think it had anything to do with his involvement in the war?

2) Even though Teddy was hurt by his father, he strongly sticks up for him if he is spoken poorly of. Why do you think this is?

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