Different Seasons Character Descriptions

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Andy Dufresne

This character is wrongly convicted of murder.

Red Smith

This character went to prison for murdering their spouse, neighbor and neighbor's baby.

Todd Bowden

This person is young, does poorly in school, deals in blackmail and kills winos.

Kurt Dussander

This character is a Nazi in hiding who is eventually turned in.

Chris Chambers

This character is said to be from a white trash neighborhood and is killed while trying to break up a fight between two customers in a restaurant.

Gordon LaChance

This is the only one of four friends who is alive at the end of the novel.

Teddy Duchamp

This person is known to be a little crazy and a risk taker and dies when their car crashes into a telephone pole.

Vern Tessio

Known to be easily scared and feeble, this character dies in a fire.

Emlyn McCarron

After serving as a...

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