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Short Answer Questions

1. Isolation increases the dangers of what?

2. What does de Tocqeville say is linked to--but not the same as--liberty?

3. According to de Tocqueville, too much emphasis on equality leads to what?

4. According to de Tocqueville, too much equality leads individuals to what?

5. In what country is every aspect of society in constant movement?

Short Essay Questions

1. In de Tocqueville's beliefs, how does too much emphasis on equality lead to tyrannical power?

2. According to de Tocqueville, what political instinct have the American people developed that will counter their natural tendency towards equality?

3. According to de Tocqueville, within their own country, how do Americans tend to behave toward each other?

4. When the people feel more equal, what are some other side effects?

5. According to de Tocqueville, in a democratic society, what seems like endless variations of the same and monotonous reality?

6. According to de Tocqueville, what do citizens of the United States think would replace democracy if democracy failed in America?

7. What is at least one difference between the family in a democratic society and in an aristocratic society?

8. What is one of the problems of equality of conditions?

9. In what situation would total equality of the people's condition be possible?

10. What is the major difference between the classic aristocrat and the new aristocrat in America according to de Tocqueville?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

De Tocqueville believes that democracy counters individualism by ensuring that common good is understood as profiting everyone in the community. In what ways do the structures, people, and ideas de Tocqueville presents in the book affirm that idea? In what ways do they not support the idea? Which is a more convincing argument and why? Support your answers with examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

In de Tocqueville's opinion, what is the problem with letting the majority opinion rule? What are some of its causes, effects, and consequences? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

De Tocqueville believes that nations today (in his time) will be unable to stop the conditions of man from becoming equal. What support does he provide for this statement? Do the ideas presented in his book support his statement? Why or why not? Use the book to support your answer.

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