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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is not encouraged to grow in a sensual friendship, according to Book I, Chapter IV?
(a) The love of God.
(b) True relationships.
(c) Understanding for the other person.
(d) Love for others.

2. In Dark Night of the Soul, the power of hell would have no power over the soul if there were no what in the human soul?
(a) Desire for sin.
(b) Spark of humanity.
(c) Hope of God.
(d) Imperfections.

3. From what part of the body does the dark night allow man to be free?
(a) The heart.
(b) The eyes.
(c) The mind.
(d) The lower half.

4. On what does the author expound, in Book I, Chapter XI?
(a) The poem from the prologue.
(b) A Bible verse.
(c) The work of another author.
(d) God's message to himself.

5. In Book II, Chapter IV, what is purged on the second night of darkness?
(a) Only the sensual part of the soul.
(b) All mortal sins.
(c) Both parts of the soul together.
(d) All unclean thoughts.

6. The dark night refers to the darkness of what?
(a) The end of the world.
(b) Human guilt.
(c) Natural senses.
(d) Human sin.

7. St. John says that it becomes clear which parts are purified and which are still not purified during what time in the dark night?
(a) The darkest point.
(b) Periods of rest.
(c) The beginning.
(d) The end.

8. What is the example the author uses in describing the way the purification process works?
(a) The changing seasons.
(b) The burning rays of the sun.
(c) The chopping down of a tree.
(d) The burning of a log in a fire.

9. When a man searches for God in a divine way, the spirit and the soul of that person are transformed into what, according to Book II, Chapter V?
(a) The likeness of God.
(b) An innocent child.
(c) A new person.
(d) A sinner.

10. To what does St. John compare a new Christian?
(a) A new baby.
(b) A weed.
(c) A dying flower.
(d) A cloud.

11. Beginners suffering from gluttony will find it hard to travel the "Road of" what, according to St. John?
(a) Purity.
(b) The Devil.
(c) Christianity.
(d) Sin.

12. What does the author say is a problem for the soul, especially in divine activities?
(a) Distraction.
(b) Lack of faith.
(c) The lure of sin.
(d) Keeping secrets from God.

13. In Dark Night of the Soul during the dark night, the soul learns that by itself it is what?
(a) Weak and miserable.
(b) Worthless to the devil.
(c) Strong.
(d) Sinful and guilty.

14. The author states that impure thoughts from spiritual luxury are a result of the pleasure humans find in what?
(a) Dance.
(b) Spiritual things.
(c) Lust for others.
(d) Earthly things.

15. St. John says that in periods of affliction during the dark night, the soul may feel as if what will never go away?
(a) God.
(b) Anger.
(c) Pain.
(d) Sin.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the deadening of a person to the presence of sin get refreshed, according to the author?

2. What does God feed new beginners according to the author?

3. What is the theme of Book I, Chapter IV?

4. What is the reason for the disturbances within a man during the dark night, according to Book II, Chapter VIII?

5. According to St. John, what strong desire does a new Christian experience?

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