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Short Answer Questions

1. Who initially helps Scarpetta with Jennifer's autopsy?

2. Who is Mrs. Clary?

3. When the novel first opens, who is Scarpetta waiting for in the morgue?

4. What first signals to Scarpetta that Jennifer's death may not be what it seems?

5. Who is the Christmas dinner guest of Lucy and Scarpetta?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lucy suggest about what has happened to Scarpetta's computer?

2. Who is Nicholas Grueman?

3. What does Marino confess to Scarpetta about his dating life while over at her house on Christmas?

4. What does Scarpetta think of Heath's wounds?

5. What conclusion do Marino and Scarpetta come to regarding Jennifer's death?

6. What is so strange about the prison warden's behavior at the holiday party Scarpetta attends?

7. Who was Robyn Naismith?

8. What does Jennifer Deighton do for a living?

9. What has happened to Eddie Heath?

10. What does Scarpetta learn from the prison guard about Waddell's final hours?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The only married character in "Cruel and Unusual" is Benton Wesley, and his wife is rarely seen in the story. Discuss why Cornwell chooses to have no strong example of a loving, healthy marriage for any of the characters in "Cruel and Unusual."

Essay Topic 2

How does the information about Scarpetta's relationship with Mark contribute to her character? Provide at least 3 specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the relationship between Lucy and Scarpetta. Using direct evidence from the text, make sure to address the following points: what their relationship has been like historically, what their relationship is like now, and what the reader learns about these 2 characters through their interactions with each other.

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