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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Susan in such need of money before her death?
(a) Her husband had no money, and they had a baby on the way.
(b) She owed a gambling debt.
(c) She had too much credit card debt.
(d) Her husband gambled everything away.

2. What has happened to most of Robyn Naismith's furniture?
(a) The furniture was given to charity.
(b) The furniture burned in a fire.
(c) The furniture is still there.
(d) The furniture was moved to a storage building.

3. What kind of character is Benton Wesley?
(a) Calm and reasonable.
(b) Old and wise.
(c) A genius, but also a little batty.
(d) Wild and crazy.

4. Why does Hilton Sullivan call the police?
(a) He is looking for Lucy.
(b) He wants to confess to the murders.
(c) He wants Scarpetta to finally acknowledge him.
(d) His condo has apparently been robbed.

5. What kind of article does Scarpetta request Benton put in the newspaper?
(a) An article about the theft of yellow jackets.
(b) An article about the theft of leather jackets.
(c) An article about the theft of eider down jackets.
(d) An article about the theft of medical jackets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scarpetta notice is missing from her own office after Susan's death?

2. How long does Lucy's search of AFIS take?

3. Over what do Benton and Scarpetta discuss their cases during the holidays?

4. Initially, how does Scarpetta respond to the request to look at her records?

5. According to Lucy's discovery, someone accessed Waddell's fingerprints on the computer and then ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Benton not believe that Waddell would be capable of the recent murders?

2. What does Scarpetta hypothesize about the killer from the information she learns from the bird expert?

3. What causes Benton and Scarpetta to wonder if Eddie Heath's and Robyn's murders are related?

4. Over dinner at the ski lodge, what do Benton and Scarpetta decide is an unlikely hypothesis of Waddell?

5. Why does Scarpetta find the request to see her guns ridiculous?

6. What does Scarpetta learn about the bullets used in both Eddie Heath's and Susan's cases?

7. What personal advice does Marino give Scarpetta over lunch once rumors surrounding Susan's death have hit the papers?

8. What question does Grueman have about Scarpetta's finances?

9. How does Scarpetta explain away the incriminating evidence found in Susan's home?

10. What act of kindness does Scarpetta do for Charlie Hale?

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