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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While talking to Grimes in the doorway, Scarpetta thinks that she sees ____________________.
(a) A very large man.
(b) A woman.
(c) A cat.
(d) A child.

2. What happens to Waddell's body after the autopsy is performed?
(a) It is donated to science.
(b) It somehow gets lost.
(c) It is cremated.
(d) It is shipped back to his home in Croatia.

3. Where does Scarpetta meet Jennifer's ex-husband?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) Canada.
(c) Phoenix.
(d) Fort Meyers.

4. How does Sullivan treat the police when he calls them?
(a) Like his best friends.
(b) With humor and grace.
(c) Kindly.
(d) Rudely.

5. Over what do Benton and Scarpetta discuss their cases during the holidays?
(a) Over dinner.
(b) Over the radio.
(c) Over hot chocolate.
(d) Over drinks.

6. What does Benton do in response to Scarpetta's request to put an article in the paper?
(a) He tells her he won't do it .
(b) He agrees to do it, but does not follow through.
(c) None of these answers are correct.
(d) He does it.

7. What happens to Scarpetta after she appears in court?
(a) She is indicted.
(b) She is not indicted.
(c) She is found not guilty.
(d) She is found guilty.

8. Who does Benton recommend for Scarpetta to hire as a lawyer?
(a) The attorney general.
(b) Marino.
(c) His brother.
(d) Grueman.

9. What kind of character is Benton Wesley?
(a) Calm and reasonable.
(b) Wild and crazy.
(c) A genius, but also a little batty.
(d) Old and wise.

10. What was found on the envelope in Susan's home?
(a) Gun powder residue.
(b) A secret message.
(c) Lucy's fingerprints.
(d) Scarpetta's fingerprints.

11. Police want to look at Scarpetta's ___________.
(a) Financial records.
(b) Research records.
(c) Email records.
(d) Musical records.

12. What is Scarpetta looking for in Robyn Naismith's house?
(a) Robyn's fingerprints.
(b) Lucy's fingerprints.
(c) Eddie Heath's fingerprints.
(d) Waddell's fingerprints.

13. What does Benton think of Lucy's idea that someone broke into AFIS and changed the fingerprints?
(a) Benton thinks the idea is impossible.
(b) Benton agrees with the idea just to be nice.
(c) Benton thinks Lucy might be right.
(d) Benton is indifferent.

14. What triggers Scarpetta into thinking that Sullivan might be lying?
(a) A dream.
(b) A newspaper article.
(c) A prosecutor's question.
(d) New evidence.

15. In Scarpetta's thinking, what is the only thing of interest on her computer that would give someone a reason to break into it?
(a) Waddell's autopsy report.
(b) Medical records of her autopsy patients.
(c) Her bank account information.
(d) The passwords for all of her employers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Scarpetta find the evidence she is looking for in Robyn's house?

2. How does Scarpetta first respond to the prosecutor's request to come to his office for questioning?

3. Who catches Scarpetta in Ben's office?

4. What does Marino want Scarpetta to prove to him?

5. What does Scarpetta search Susan's office for after Susan's death?

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