Cruel & Unusual Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Scarpetta's feeling on the death penalty?

Scarpetta is not a supporter of the death penalty. She is uncomfortable with the idea of waiting at the morgue for a man who, when she arrives, is not dead yet. Additionally, she does not like the idea of putting someone to death no matter how bad the crime, including the murder of her boyfriend.

2. Who was Robyn Naismith?

Robyn Naismith was the person Waddell killed that he went to prison for. She was a famous news reporter who stayed home sick one day; when she returned from getting groceries, she walked in on an intruder and was killed in a horrible fashion.

3. What happened to Scarpetta's boyfriend Mark?

Scarpetta's boyfriend Mark was recently murdered. He worked as an FBI agent and, while in Europe, he walked past a trash can that had a bomb inside. The bomb went off, and he was killed in the explosion that followed.

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