Cruel & Unusual Character Descriptions

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Dr. Kay Scarpetta

This character holds both a law degree and a medical degree.

Detective Pete Marino

This person settled in Virginia many years before but still harbors a distrust for humanity.

Ronnie Joe Waddell

The main murderer of the novel who is ultimately executed.

Robyn Naismith

This character is a television reporter who is murdered while home sick. The murder happens long before the novel opens.

Temple Brooks Gault

This character is a mentally-deranged individual who was set free by the governor.

Jennifer Deighton

This character is a small business owner who tells horoscopes over the phone.

Nicholas Grueman

This person is a lawyer who has devoted the last few years to helping death row inmates on their appeals.

Susan and Jason Story

These characters are the morgue supervisor and her husband who immediately begin speaking to the press when the morgue supervisor dies.

Governor Joe Norring

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