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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ballard take one of the three prostitutes to?
(a) The back lot of a film studio.
(b) The top deck of a car park.
(c) The deserted garage of a church.
(d) The driveway of a colleague's.

2. According to Ballard, as he recuperates in the hospital, what does he state as the "only real experience" he had been through in years?
(a) His affair.
(b) His crash.
(c) His guilt.
(d) His fantasies.

3. When Ballard is lifted onto the stretcher after the crash, how does he feel?
(a) Relieved that he wasn't seriously injured.
(b) Guilty about causing a man to die.
(c) Isolated from the reality of the accident.
(d) Aroused at seeing the young wife.

4. Who did the man killed in the car crash with Ballard work for?
(a) A German weapons producer.
(b) An Italian car manufacturer.
(c) A British travel agency.
(d) An American food company.

5. Why is Ballard skeptical about Helen working for the Road Research Laboratory?
(a) Because he thinks that she is not qualified to work there.
(b) Because he thinks she could get a better job as a doctor.
(c) Because he thinks its too close to the accident that killed her husband.
(d) Because he thinks the work at the laboratory is ineffective.

6. What is the name of the park where Ballard and Catherine's apartment is located?
(a) Dresden.
(b) Drake.
(c) Drayton.
(d) Drummond.

7. In the hospital, what contained the "hundred histories of collision and bereavement" according to Ballard?
(a) The broken wheelchairs.
(b) The full IV bags.
(c) The empty beds.
(d) The covered gurneys.

8. Who dies as the novel opens?
(a) Dr. Robert Vaughan.
(b) Dr. Helen Remington.
(c) James Ballard.
(d) Catherine Ballard.

9. What is the person parked behind Ballard at the scene of the accident that killed Helen's husband doing?
(a) Taking pictures of him.
(b) Writing on a pad.
(c) Flashing his headlights.
(d) Talking on the phone.

10. What is Vaughan's scientific subject?
(a) Computer specialist in traffic systems.
(b) Physics specialist in atom collision.
(c) Chemistry specialist in dark matter.
(d) Biology specialist in human reproduction.

11. What kind of car does Catherine drive?
(a) A large sedan.
(b) A sports car.
(c) A minivan.
(d) A truck.

12. According to Ballard, Catherine's driving becomes what after his release from the hospital?
(a) Slow.
(b) Worse.
(c) Fast.
(d) Better.

13. What word does Ballard repeat several times in his description of the car crash at the beginning of the book?
(a) Strange.
(b) Static.
(c) Stylized.
(d) Stoic.

14. What is the name of the place where Vaughan and Ballard watch vehicles crash into concrete blocks?
(a) Vehicular Safety Compound.
(b) Road Research Laboratory.
(c) Auto Mechanic School.
(d) Crash Test Site.

15. Where does the fatal car crash that nearly misses Elizabeth Taylor occur?
(a) At an airport.
(b) By a park.
(c) Near a film studio.
(d) Next to a school.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Ballard, all who knew Vaughan accepted what about a car-crash?

2. What is the name of Ballard's wife?

3. What is Helen wearing when Ballard sees her in the yard at Northolt station?

4. Who is injured at the stock-car races at the stadium in Northolt and taken to the hospital?

5. Who does Ballard first take in a rental car to the scene of his accident that killed Helen's husband?

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